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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

News Flash!


Kaden had an appointment with the cardiologist yesterday and guess what!?!?!
The fluid surrounding his heart is gone!
And...he is having successful use of his left ventricle!
Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers during his surgeries and hospital stays.

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Congratulations to Momai and Mombi on the arrival of Griffin!!!!

We can’t wait to see pictures!!


We had a pediatrician appointment yesterday morning. (Going with Lois’ rule of using cute doctors, our pediatrician is very cute – and young!)

Our little meatball is 21 inches long and ….12 lbs 7 oz!


I don’t think there is any question of us underfeeding the child. He came home from the hospital 8 weeks ago at 6 lbs 5 oz.

During the appointment, he had 5 shots! Poor little guy!

I had to hold him while the nurse did it. One second, he was smiling and cooing at me, the next, he was screaming bloody murder. I felt awful – like I was leading a cow to slaughter.

Mommy Loey, who was unable to watch the shots and almost cried when she saw the little drop of blood on the sheet, had no problem ripping off his band aids later – how mean!


It’s booked!

We are going to Provincetown during Family Week this summer!

We’re going to be there July 26th-July 30th, so we’ll get to experience 2-3 days of Family Week!

I know we are not in a great financial position to be talking about going anywhere on vacation, but we’re going to do it the least expensive way possible!


In a trailer, not a tent. But if Andrew does cry all of the time, we’ll leave him outside to be raised by wolves! – such horrible parents we are!
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Yay great news for Kaden I love that name!! Poor Andrew on the shots. Oh and better you then me on the camping cuz I dont camp!!

11:45 AM  

Congratulations Kaden.
I almost cried when Syd got her shots, clear until she was...hell probably 2. The boys...not so much. So different when it's your 2nd..and 3rd :)
Glad he's eating and getting big.
Family Week sounds like a blast. I'm glad you are doing it.

Thanks for the book idea. That WAS a fantastic shower idea. LOVE THAT !

11:48 AM  

Healthy baby boy!! Good news about Kaden! and... vacation plans! A very upbeat post today! I love it!

12:25 PM  

Awesome news on Kaden!

So glad to hear Andrew is growing like a weed :)

Family week sounds fun!!!

2:02 PM  

I did cry when Lily got her shots last week. I rolled when I read the "leading the cows to slaughter" because that's what it felt like. And to think we have to do it at least two more times this year!
Glad to hear that Kaden is doing well!

2:48 PM  

Yea for Kaden! That is great news. What a strong little guy.
Seems like andrew is growing great! I wish we could go on a vacation. The only vacationing we do is to Idaho to see Sum's family.

3:25 PM  

Yeah Kaden!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is cute Doc boy or girl?

Take that MIL! You are not starving Andrew!!! I love that he's a meatball!

Yeah on the vacation. You'll have to let us know how the trailer experience goes. We own property but where we camp with our friends all summer long. We have trailers but no electricity or running water. We're wondering what it's going to be like taking a baby up there this year if she's healthy enough to go.

Riley sends kisses to Andrew!

7:07 PM  

Glad that Kaden is doing great!

Yea!! Go Yankees Go!

Cute outfit with teddy bear - I love it! :o)

I did had a tear when M and K got their first shot. Poor things!

7:41 AM  

Yay on the Kaden news!!! So glad he's doing so well!!!

Wow, Andrew is HUGE!!!

The vacation sounds fun. :)

7:33 PM  

vacations are great, and most necessary when you think you can't afford them! have fun. i had no idea that was family week! A and I will be on the Cape vising family, so maybe i'll look into going.

7:14 PM  

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