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Wednesday, April 04, 2007



At least that is the story my mother-in-law will always hear.

She was incredibly critical to my friends sitting at her table at the baby shower about how poorly we are doing as parents, feeding him, etc.**

So, we are never going to tell her if he is being fussy or if he is responding poorly to anything we do.

Therefore, if she ever watches him and he's not perfect, we'll just say

"Well, that's funny. He's never been like that for us!"

It is my goal in raising this child to make sure that certain family members have little influence over our child.

On the feeding front, contrary to my MIL's opinion, he's doing well. The kid is quite beefy, he's definitely not starving. We're alternating between Good Start formula and breast milk with rice cereal. His pooping is better and we are burping him every ounce to try to prevent the spitting up. He goes crazy when you pull the bottle away to burp him, but it works out better in the long run!

Plus, he's definitely not a fussy baby all of the time. He's fussy when he's hungry or gassy. He's happy and interactive several times a day (mostly the morning).

Sheesh, this poor kid with two ignorant unresponsive mommies are parents, right?

**My friends were absolutely mortified by my MIL and Lois' sister-in-law during and before the shower - more to come on that in another post. I hope they don't read my blog.
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Sorry to hear that. Most babies have their fussy moments or issues to work out in the first 3 months. You are doing wonderfully from what I can tell. :) Sorry some people have to be so negative.

2:38 PM  

There will *always* be people like that to make you feel crappy about your parenting. The most important thing is that your child is happy (you know - more times than not. No child is always happy.)and healthy. If he is, then screw everyone else.

I stopped telling people about sleep issues, extended nursing, binky use, etc because I don't need their "advice". My kids, my rules.

Sorry your inlaws are like that. It sucks but remember - it's about THEM not you. :)

2:53 PM  

Dang MIL needs to shut it and let you guys be the parents. That sucks that you have to deal with that.

3:15 PM  

MIL's are a weird breed, huh? We are already worried about Liz' mom. She is definitely from the old school. We already had a few run-ins with her regarding Cylie's (our neice) care. Cylie's mom just takes her word for it blindly without trying to find things out for herself or listening to anyone else. Irritating!!!

3:52 PM  

Sounds like you two are doing a great job. Apparently MIL needs to work/volunteer more and worry less about how you two are parenting. Perhaps you should suggest a hobby.

5:48 PM  

Sounds like you two are doing a great job. Apparently MIL needs to work/volunteer more and worry less about how you two are parenting. Perhaps you should suggest a hobby.

5:48 PM  

looks to me like Andrew has two wonderful parents! He is very lucky!

8:58 PM  

Tell them to fuck off. My mom has been critical and bossy about me and my parenting skills for years. You are great parents and Andrew is damn lucky to have you nuff said.

9:31 PM  

Well, if my opinion matters at all, I think you two are absolutely WONDERFUL parents! Just ignore her as much as possible or take nailgirl's advice and tell them both to fuck off!

10:30 PM  

Yes, Erin, my MIL does need a hobby. But it's hard when she doesn't venture out anywhere.
For someone who worked 2 weeks in her life when she was 17 and doesn't venture outside of a 5 mile radius, she sure is an expert on all things in life and the world.

Thanks for the support guys!
But hey, what do you guys know, right? We could be writing all of this total bullshit and really just hang Andrew up to the ceiling fan by his toes when he cries!!!

9:09 AM  

I HATE when other people feel the need to pipe in about how you are raising your kids.
I'm sorry. You are both loving and caring parents.

11:14 AM  

Yikes! There's nothing like good ole unsolicited advice/comments. You guys are doing a great job so don't even sweat it. We have a fussy little one here ourselves who we adore. :)

4:59 PM  

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