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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Shower present of the day!

We received so many wonderful, incredible gifts on Sunday. We are still blown away by how generous our friends are.

Our kid is set for a long, long time.

Last night, after performing major surgery to get the darn thing on the crib, I discovered why we were so anxious to get this thing:

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The Ocean Wonders Aquarium is the "Favorite Shower Present of the Day for April 2, 2007"

Once I finally got the damn thing on, I put Andrew down in his crib (which he is never in) thinking that he wouldn't notice it.

He loved it! He just stared at it and when it stopped, he made little sad noises until I came in the room and turned it on again.

Everytime the light got brighter, he let out what could be considered the beginnings of a giggle.

It was adorable.

Of course, he didn't stay in the crib after 4 runnings of the aquarium, but it's a darn good start.
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That thing makes me nuts. Pam bought one for charlie, and he likes it, but gosh it's annoying. It's sweet and all, but it's a distraction. Especially since he sleeps with us adn his crib is by our bed just to throw laundry in. But without fail he crawls into his crib each night and turns that thing on before crawling back into bed with me.

10:00 AM  

We have one similar but it's Baby Einsteins. My boys LOVE IT STILL.
Glad little Andrew liked it.
Hope the stretch gets longer for you. :)

11:16 AM  

We just got one as well. I hope our little Kylie likes it as much as Andrew.

1:47 PM  

My kids are still loving the one they had on their cribs. I love dhow it calmed them instantly as babies and now, it gives them great joy to dance around too. Enjoy!

2:03 PM  

Oh yah those things are the best! Especially when they learn to turn it on themselves!

3:17 PM  

Well I will have to remember to buy one of these!!! Glad the shower was so nice... you guys deserve it!

4:04 PM  

Good tip. Hopefully we will need one soon!

5:24 PM  

Lexie had one but so far not cameron because we have the sound machine.

5:53 PM  

We have one too and the Tadpole LOVES the friggin' thing! I'll be so happy when she can turn it on by herself!

9:53 PM  

I just happened upon your blog via another blog via another blog... Congratulations! And how fun - our son was 6 on February 8th *and* my brother's name is Andrew! ;-) Have fun!!!!

12:40 PM  

Wow! what a coincidence? i stumbled on your blog by doing a search for "spitting up and fussiness" and it's weird, we had a baby boy march 2, and we brought him home at 6 pounds 5 ounces, and at almost 6 weeks he's 11 pounds 6 ounces, we have the ocean wonders aquarium which he loves and creis when it turns off and yes we did have to perform minor surgery to put the thingon the crib, and our son's name is andrew as well. only we call him drew. come visit his photos at vanovermonologues.blogspot.com

10:48 PM  

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