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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Some quick pictures...

Here’s Andrew in his Easter outfit!

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Yes, it's Ralph Lauren (it was a gift) with Yankee booties. Auntie Suz would be mortified!

This was the car behind us on the way to Long Island!

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And finally, this is the blanket I made this weekend. It’s the extent of my creative and artistic talents – tying 2 pieces of fleece together.

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Lois said we should have done a Mets blanket.

Sorry, I didn’t see any Mets fleece.

I didn’t look for any, so I definitely didn’t see any.
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What are "Mets?"


Awesome booties, Awesome blanket:)

11:26 AM  

You go girl. I can barely sew a button.
I think that guy in the car behind you was actually smiling for the picture :) That's great.
Cute pictures.

1:18 PM  

I'm so impressed! Who knew you were so crafty?!

Andrew looks adorable!

Love the car behind you. :)

3:37 PM  

I'm impressed w/ your blanket-making skills - obviously cut out for mommy-hood.

Speaking of mommy-hood: Andrew is such a bright and beautiful boy! How do you resist starting at him all day long? I bet you don't get anything done!

4:14 PM  

Outfit is adorable and he is so cute!!!! He is a beautiful boy....

How did you make that blanket? I would love to make one!!! I have no artistic ability!!!!

4:38 PM  

Cute Easter outfit!! He's so adorable.

Love the blanket. My mom's friend did that type of fleece blanket for us. It's pretty cool. LOL @ not looking for the Mets material.

7:32 PM  

Cute outfit and an even cuter baby boy!!! He's adorable :)

8:25 PM  

That kid is adorable! Love the blanket (I just made two of them myself LOL).

8:36 PM  

My mom made all of us one we love them! Love the pic of prince Andrew.

1:54 AM  

Here's how I made the blanket - not sure if this is the right way.
I took 2 pieces of fleece, 2 yards a piece. Put them together on the floor. Cute 3.5 inches out on each corner and every inch along the side made cuts 3.5 inches deep. Then just tied each piece together. (You need to make sure if you are tying right over left, that you stay consistent.
I have very little patience, so if I missed one, I didn't go back to fix it, I just cut it off.
I also suggest doing the corners as you get there, not all in the beginning. Suz told me that the cuts on one side might need to be 1/2 longer than the other to even it out.
It's something that takes very little talent and skill. Mine's not perfect, but I like it!

9:43 AM  

Thanks I might try this sometime!!!

8:48 PM  

Love that picture of Andrew!! Cute cute cute!

2:34 AM  

CT Lurker coming by to tell you....Your son is GORGEOUS

11:42 PM  

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