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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

after a long day...

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posted by Holly at 8:53 PM


Too damn cute!!!

9:04 PM  

sooo cute. love the one shoe.
in some pics he looks like riley!

10:09 PM  

I need a bib like that with snap on words to attach like....Just feed me : ice-cream....steak....pasta etc !

10:32 PM  

What a cute picture. He looks like he's had a long day! Love the missing shoe!

10:44 PM  

Aww can i hug him?

2:26 AM  

Where did his other shoe go???
LOL Too cute! He does look like Riley in some pictures it's hilarious to see.

2:42 AM  

Great photo! Love the one shoe!

12:09 PM  

LOL! A picture really IS worth a thousand words. So cute!!

12:45 PM  

I love how there is only one shoe too :) It adds to the look of exhaustion.

6:35 PM  

So cute!!

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5:44 PM  

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