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Sunday, April 08, 2007


Yes, we are smiling now...even some laughing noises here and there.

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Isn't he just adorable!?!?!? I know I'm a little biased...

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I'm not sure if he was just loving his bouncy seat or he was trying to flirt with Shawna, Salina and Emma!
posted by Holly at 10:31 PM


He is quite adorable! His smile lights up his whole face. What a cutie!

11:13 PM  

Flirting or not...that is DAMN cute !

12:49 AM  

So cute!!! Just loving life I'd say!

3:26 AM  

A smiling, happy baby! Nothing beats it!

7:33 AM  

aww so cute!!

9:24 AM  

He is adorable! Love that smile :)

9:26 AM  

He has a gorgeous smile!

10:26 AM  

Oh he is going to be a charmer!

10:32 AM  

He is adorable! And he looks so happy!

1:50 PM  

soooo cute

7:21 PM  

Love these pictures!!!

11:47 PM  

What a cutie pie!!

3:56 AM  

How freakin' cute!

2:48 PM  

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