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Sunday, March 25, 2007

growing up too fast?

I know that we are letting our little boy spiral out of control with his wild lifestyle.

We’ve already shown you pictures of him sharing a pack n’ play with a younger woman, Miss Emma.

Now, they are drinking together.

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And Andrew is putting the moves on an intoxicated and half naked Miss Emma after a few bottles.

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What to do with our little Casanova?

Yes, I know we are twisted.
posted by Holly at 8:33 PM


He's beautiful! Thank you for keeping us updated with pics! Emma is a lucky lady!

9:36 PM  

You're not twisted, just having fun. That is why we have kids, right!!

11:49 PM  

She could only be so lucky to land such a hunk-a-hunka-burnin love.

1:12 AM  

Andrew is quite the ladies man.

Congrats on the UCONN win!! Who is up next..LSU? We'll be cheering for ya!

1:29 AM  

He's a regular little Don Juan!

2:40 PM  

I thought I posted on this already but i guess it didn't go through. Cute cute pics. Cheers!

3:22 PM  

How cute!!!

8:20 PM  

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