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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A UConnn-less final four

I don't know what happened. UConn didn't show up last night.

They got crushed by a Pokey-less LSU.

It wasn't due to lack of a fan base.

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This was the best picture we got because Andrew started crying moments after it was taken.

- - -

In other news, Andrew is doing better on just breast milk. He still definitely has some constipation problems here and there, but it is much better than when he was on Enfamil Lipil.

Today, Lois will try to get him into the doctor. We are thinking he might have reflux. In the past week, he's been spitting up more - even an hour after he eats, and he seems to be in pain right as he's spitting up.

Maybe the pediatrician will have her own recommendation for formula - we are currently leaning towards Good Start since it was overwhelmingly recommended by people.
posted by Holly at 7:40 AM


Just wanted to say......What a handsome little man!

Also, Good Start is awesome.

11:31 AM  

Sorry about U-Conn.
Cute boy.

11:48 AM  

He may have reflux if he seems to be in pain when he's spitting up. Another sign is arching his back when he's eating. Erik was diagnosed with it and we totally didn't think he had it, but we've now started him on the meds that were prescribed because we were told by our sister-in-law - who's an infant development specialist and has a lot of respect for the pediatrician who diagnosed Erik --that even if he's not spitting up a lot, he may be in pain from the heartburn. Definitely worth getting it checked out anyway.

Oh, and he's adorable!

1:01 PM  

Adorable outfit!!! I hope little Andrew gets to feeling better. Keep us posted on the doctor appt!

I would like to see someone win other than North Carolina! If I see Ivory Latta act cocky one more time I might puke :)

3:23 PM  

Sorry about the loss last night - but at least one of your alma maters will be in the final four?

5:29 PM  

Andrew is so gorgeous! I say to Shelly all the time that I can't believe how adorable he is.

9:41 PM  

Can I hug him?? Btw Holly, Youv'e got mail.

11:56 AM  

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