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Thursday, July 14, 2005

beautiful loey

Poor Loey has been tired lately. She always has been a good sleeper, but it appears to me that she is more tired than usual. And I hope she rests when her body tells her to.

She is not in love with being pregnant, and she probably won’t be. But I love watching this and being a part of it.

When I look at her, I am so happy and excited that we are having a baby together. I love her more and more every day (if that was possible) just thinking about what is going on in that body of hers. And she is so much stronger than she really gives herself credit for. She really thinks she is a wimp, but she is going to make it through this and this is amazing.

It’s so incredible and such a frightening journey. I am just hoping and praying that this pregnancy results in a healthy, beautiful baby (and as painless as possible delivery for the mommy).
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