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Saturday, July 16, 2005

i am in charge of teaching the kid math

Lois counts like her mother.
Lois and I once went walking with her mother by their condo. We finished one lap around the little track and Lois' mom defiantly said, "Two."
When we questioned her, she said, "we are starting lap Two."
This has become a running joke among Lois, Laura and I.
"There are three of us here, but if Lois' mom was counting, it would be 4."
I am one of those people who would finish my first lap and say "One" to myself to avoid any confusion.
I am thinking that Lois counts like her mother.
I think the baby (fetus) is 7 weeks old (well, actually 5 weeks since you can't be pregnant before you are pregnant, I know I know). Lois always says we are on week 8.
"We are in Week 8."
"But the fetus is only 7 weeks. You are getting ahead of yourself."
I would think the ticker would be helpful, but a little reminder that Lois has 226 days left does not seem to make her feel any better about the length of this whole process.
I am also thinking that agreeing with Lois as often as possible is better for me anyway.
So when someone asks how pregnant Lois is I will have an answer ready. I will say "She is 10 weeks pregnant, actually we really only conceived 8 weeks ago but really we are on Week 11."
Maybe that will get people to think twice before asking.
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