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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

missed it?

I think we blew it the last two months.
It turns out that the ovulation predictor kit was “inconclusive.” Our doctor won’t inseminate unless it is a definite positive. We didn’t have a definite positive this month and now we are thinking that last month was not a “positive” either.
This whole thing blows.
It should have been Friday, or so we thought.
Maybe it was much earlier and we missed it?
The last thing we wanted to do was waste the precious sperm.
But I am anxious.
I will make Lois do the OPK again tonight just for good measure.
In the meantime, while we think about having to sit on our hands for another 30 days, we will talk to the doctor to find out if there is a better way to detect ovulation (since we only have one shot) other than those damn “is this line as dark or darker than the test line or is it a smidgen lighter and therefore a negative, but not light enough to be really sure and it will make you doubtful and crazy” ovulation predictor kits.
We spent a few hours with friends of friends yesterday who have a beautiful 1-year old little girl who was the best baby ever.
I want a baby.
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you guys will get a baby! There has to be a "clear blue easy" type ovulation tester thing. Something better than a line. Like a plus sign. Or SOMETHING.

Isn't Loey regular enough that the Doc should be able to pinpoint the exact day? What is your copay everytime you do this??

Also, if you know the donor and can inseminate at home, can you really just keep all the sperm yourself or do you have to hire a company to store it for you?

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