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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

forget that 3 month rule

Pretty much everyone knows Lois is pregnant by now.
It’s a little tough holding back on telling everyone when most people know Lois’ cycle by now. Especially since I have the blog thing happening!

Everything is going well with the pregnant one. Although, she might already be getting food aversions, which for Lois is not good.

For one, she’s Italian and she loves to cook. Apparently the manicotti on Father’s Day didn’t give her the best feeling. And now, for the woman who puts ketchup on more things than any person should, she is not particularly digging the ketchup as of late.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that she doesn’t feel as miserable the first 3 months like she did the last time around!

As for baby gear, I told myself I wouldn’t buy anything until we hit at least 15 weeks. But, when I was heading home from work and had to pee like a racehorse, the most convenient place to stop was Babies R Us. I didn’t buy anything, but I think I have the nursery themes picked out.

Suz gave us a bassinet last night, so we are already getting hand-me-downs. I think we already have 2 giant bags of boy clothes and a bouncy chair thing from Suz too!

We are also throwing around names! The girl’s name she loves, I don’t particularly care for and the boy’s name I love, she doesn’t particularly care for.

The biggest thing will be the last name. We both agree that Robinson-D’Imperio is not an appropriate last name to use. I am obviously leaning towards using mine which she is on board with. She says she needs to have a conversation with her parents. I think she will put that off until the kid is 10….
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We told everyone too! It's too exciting!

Buying baby stuff is fun. We're bad that way. ;)

We have to figure out our last name. We hyphenated our names but it's way too long (Rocheleau-Bourgeois) so we might go and change our names *again* and use Rocheleau as a middle name. We decided to keep my name as the surname because I was adopted by my dad when I was older so it means a lot to me to have his surname.

4 weeks & 4 days for me. Feeling good except for waves of fatigue and the whole getting up to pee in the middle of the night. ;)

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When Stacey told me that day you got your BFP I was sooo happy for you guys. Although we don't know each other at all besides these baby boards and blog centers. We will forever be linked by 2 things. Our babies.

I think it's amazing that our children, when the time comes to want to look for their biological dad, they will have a partner in crime for support.

ABSOLUTLY AMAZING!!!! Keep us posted. We will have too meet someday in the future.

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