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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

due date

A due date is really just a guess and both the midwife and the OB we like pegged Lois for a 2/14/07 due date. The doctor who is not as good gave us 2/15/07.
Since we think 2/14 is cooler, because it's Valentine's Day, we're sticking with that. Does it really matter anyway?

Poor Lois is a hard hit victim of morning sickness. In our entire time together, I can't remember her ever throwing up from being sick, now it's a very common occurrence and I am helpless to make her feel better.

Right now, I am pushing the crackers like they are crack and making her drink ginger ale. But the regular nutrition stuff is lacking since she can't seem to keep anything down (including the prenatal vitamins!).

I got some Sea-Band motion sickess bracelets for her to start trying tonight and she is seeing Jody for acupuncture today. I've heard everything from eating sour candies to sucking on cucumbers soaked in water (?!?!?).

If anyone out there has any suggestions, we are game!

I just wish I could get her to eat real food! I am almost considering Mexican tonight, even though it gives her heartburn, she has been able to eat it so far. Everyone says you need to find that food that you can eat and keep plenty of it around. We have not, however, discovered such a magical food yet.
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I think she should try sucking vitamin popsicles. It's one of those things that weight loss surgery people use when they have weak stomachs and can't take regular vitamins and at least it won't go in so much at a time and can give her some nutrition. I know you can order them through http://www.yikespops.com/

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The sour candies I got Stacey have been helping her. She's noticed that anything sour helped her.

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Especially the tangerine/orange flavoured ones. They're called Preggie Pop Drops and Angele bought them in a maternity clothing store (Motherhood,I think).

I find that I need something filling. Apples really make me feel better right away and then something like bread helps fill me so that I don't get that "hungry" feeling so fast which leads to the nausea. I've also found toast to be nicer than crackers.

My neighbour suggested peanuts. I heard protein in general can be good. Of course, this requires keeping it down. Someone also mentioned chicken broth.

Good luck to Lois!

P.S. Angele and I now have a blogspot blog as well. We like it better than our old one. No more password protection stuff either so yay for those who read it. :)

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Try ginger. Lois can drink the tea or eat some candy, but either way it should help. Also try soup. You can get lots of veggies, it's soft, doesn't have to be too hot, but doesn't taste too strong. I don't think Mexican will give her heartburn at this stage, but it will be pretty harsh on her stomach and you might want to just stick to the tortilla chips. It's also good to try eating little bits all day long. Don't let the acid build up. Having nothing in your stomach may make it worse. Hang in there. This part doesn't last forever.


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I hope chubby comes on valentine's day cuz that's my birthday. I also hope partner will be feeling better soon. Morning sickness just sucks. I can'[t even remember what, if anything, helped. i just know I complained A LOT and then it went away one day (15 weeks) and all I could say was amen, halleluah. --Marcia, the Other Mother's partner

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