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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

we're baaack

We are back on the East Coast!
California was great, but it is nice to be home. (more on the trip later)

It’s the 4th of July and I am at work. :-(
But I am taking 5 minutes to write a little update!

Lois is feeling the blahs here and there. She discovered that sometimes, you need to give in to the feeling to puke. Poor thing.
She does feel better, however, when she has something to eat. All the time.
This might not work well for me as I am hoping to lose 30 lbs during this pregnancy. If we are taking trips to McDonald’s together, I have absolutely no willpower to order a fruit salad and watch her eat a Big Mac.

Thursday is the first ultrasound! I can’t wait!

I don’t care what fit hits the shan, I am leaving work on time to be there!
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Welcome Back!!!! We missed you guys!!!

Hope Lois feels better soon. Stacey has been "Car sick" for a week now.

We have our U/S the day after. We will have to share pics.


6:17 PM  

Welcome back! Glad the trip went well except for Lois' morning sickness. I too have been feeling off for the past week, as Angele stated. I find that I am constantly eating, trying to get rid of the feeling. Today I couldn't even head home from work without grabbing dinner first because I was starving and wouldn't make it home okay (1 hour commute on subway). I ate McDonald's and I'm a vegetarian! Big Mac, no meat. Always get funny stares for that one. :-P

Let us know how your u/s goes. As Angele also stated, ours is the day after yours. We're so excited!!!

9:36 PM  

Duh!!! I already told them everything... Beat you!!!


10:31 PM  

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