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Friday, July 21, 2006

turning 30

I know it's lame, but I posted the exact same thing on myspace.

Tomorrow is my 30th birthday.
I don’t consider it a big deal, but I found humor in a little google search about turning 30.

Here’s an excerpt from an article at Handbag.com:

Some magazines suggest that by your 30th birthday you should have experienced one or all of the following: parachuting, threesomes, living in a foreign country, abseiling, bondage, motorcycling, shagging on your office desk, singing karaoke and lesbian sex.

Parachuting, singing karaoke, motorcycling and lesbian sex, I have done. The others, not so much.

Others advocate a mortgage, a ring on your finger, a successful career (preferably one that is unlikely to involve any desk-shagging), six weeks paid holiday each year, a profitable pension plan and a baby on the way.

I have a career. Successful? Hmmm…hopefully on its way to successful. I do have a ring on my finger despite what President thinks is a real marriage. I have a mortgage, holy mother of god, do I have a mortgage. And a baby on the way.
The six weeks paid holiday each year is a joke, right? And a profitable pension plan? I think I have $342.00 in my retirement savings so far. Is that good?

So, then I read a financial article about turning 30.

From Kiplinger.com, Eight Things to do Before Turning 30.

1. Identify your goals
2. Start an emergency fund
3. Pay off credit cards
4. Start investing
5. Establish credit
6. Set up a strategy to pay off student loans
7. Take calculated risks
8. Travel

1. My goal is to stay afloat.
2. My emergency fund is currently the $3.00 in my car ashtray for a when a dunkin donuts iced coffee itch hits me (I loved the toasted almond flavored)
3. I paid off my credit cards with my wife’s since she had better credit. Guess what, the balances still exist.
4. investing with what?
5. I have ok credit now. I was able to get my 2000 Hyundai Elantra with my own credit.
6. my strategy to pay off student loans is to pay them off before I am 60. (hello, law school is expensive)
7. The explanation for this also correlates to having some $ in that #2 emergency fund. My definition of a calculated risk is only bringing $50 into the casino and leaving the ATM card at home.
8. I have traveled, not so much with the wife. But, now we have a kid on the way. I’ll travel more when I’m in my fifties and sixties and my kids are supporting me.

So, I don’t have that ideal grasp on turning 30 but I am doing okay.

The only thing that has really bothered me about turning 30 is that I am in the worst shape of my life. Most of my friends are in their 40s and they are in much better physical condition. Hopefully, turning 30 will be the catalyst to getting my butt in gear.
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That sounds like alot of us.


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LOL. Great post. Like Angele said, we are right there with you on so many things. ;) Happy birthday!!!

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What's your myspace account? Here's mine:

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