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Thursday, July 13, 2006

morning love/sickness

This is an actual conversation that occurred in our house this morning.

L: “I feel like crap.”
H: “You really need to eat something right when you wake up to cut down the acid in your tummy.”
L: “Really? Is that what it is?”
H: “I’ve been telling you that for weeks. You have to eat something.”
L: “Like What?”
H: “…ummmm…”
L (cutting me off): “If you say ‘a f---ing cracker,’ I will shove it up you’re a--!”

I know she meant it completely lovingly.
BTW - I was going to say "an apple."
posted by Holly at 2:05 PM


LMAO. That is too cute!

I have the opposite problem, I feel hungry hungry hungry most of the time. And not that I want to eat but my stomach feels so empty and it's annoying.

2:27 PM  

Holly, I just played Chubby's game. I guessed based on the actual weight and size of my other lesbian mom friends who just had a baby (Charlotte, I met her this weekend she is cuuuuuute).



3:21 PM  

Also, I think you guys should get a Sammie puppy. For practice.


3:58 PM  

That's funny!!!!!

4:45 PM  

bev...i grew up with Sammies. if i didn't live in a condo in the ghetto and didn't work 12-14 hours away from home, i would consider it.

5:20 PM  

that is hilarious :)

3:36 PM  

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