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Sunday, July 16, 2006

on the couch

Poor Lois has spent the entire weekend rotating from the couch to the bed, bed to the couch.
I actually had an eventful day yesterday spending 3 hours on the lake in my kayak with Billy, then playing tennis for an hour (it was 98 degrees) and having lunch with my mom . When I got home, Lois was on the couch.
Today, same story.
We went out for 5 minutes since I convinced her that getting some air would make her feel better. Apparently, 100 degree air is not helpful and we are back home, on the couch.
My boss gave me tickets for Bonnie Raitt tonight for my birthday and I plan on leaving the house at 5:45 pm. It's now 5:26 pm and Lois is on the couch.
Q: Do I drag her butt with me or leave her on the couch?
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I know I totally agree. That's the hardest thing. Sometimes Stacey would not feel well and we were going out and so I had to wait for her to feel better or at the movie theater she would start to fall asleep. She never did that. Less then a month to the second trimester. I've pretty much decided my schedule revolves around S.T.A.C.E.Y. But then she has not had it as bad as Lois. Hopefully this will all end soon enough. Hang in there and keep posting.


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Happy birthday!!!

Bonnie Raitt is great. We saw her live on Ellen DeGeneres' show when we were in L.A. I like her sound but only own 2 albums. Glad you were able to go and enjoy the show.

I have not had Lois' morning sickness thankfully but I can understand the sluggish behaviour. I have days like that and there was one weekend where I did NOTHING.

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Happy Birthday and how nice that your boss gave you concert tickets! I can completely empathize with Lois. The heat is kicking my ass lately. Yesterday I stayed on the couch inside ALL DAY, and it really helped.

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