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Monday, July 17, 2006

morning sickness 101

I think I have read close to 95% of articles on the web about morning sickness (okay, maybe that’s exaggerating). There are ideas everywhere. Here’s some suggestions that I have found, compared to our results.

Acupuncture = Lois has done twice and feel good for 24 hours after both times. Maybe need to do this every day for the next 7 months.

Motion sickness bracelets = unsure about result. Lois hasn’t worn them for a prolonged period of time since it is uncomfortable. I figure my nagging her about wearing it isn’t helping.

Eat small meals all day = Lois doesn’t want to eat anything. All day or ever. Nothing.

Eat crackers, bread or major carb products = see entry dated July 13

Sour candies, preggie pops, etc. = Lois is not a big sour candy fan, like the lemon, lime and orange flavors that everything seems to come in. She has been working on a bag of regular Lifesavers, but I think that’s more for her sweet tooth than for curing any morning sickness.

Vitamin B6 and Unisom = We did get some B6 and I think it has helped a little, but some websites recommend a maximum of 100 mg/day and the prenatals pretty much cover that. As for the Unisom part of it, we haven’t tried it. Sleep is not a problem. If Lois took Unisom right now, she would become Mrs. Rip Van Winkle.

Pepcid AC = I have read that this can work for heartburn but also reflux. Apparently, if you are throwing up and are not hungry afterwards, chew on a Pepcid AC tablet and it will open whatever needs opening up, allowing you to put food into your belly risk-free. We have not tried this yet. I am a little skeptical.

Rolaids = for the heartburn. At the beginning of the morning sickness period, we were in Southern California and had several meals of Mexican food. Lois was fine with eating it, only heartburn persisted, surprise, surprise. Rolaids, in Lois own words, “suck,” and don’t do a damn thing. That, of course, is only one person’s observations.

Stay away from greasy, fried or fatty foods = I’m sorry, but we are in the “whatever she can eat or is willing to eat” stage of the pregnancy. About 1 out of 20 ideas for meals that I toss out to Lois are acceptable to her to consider. Recently, foods that she has been willing to eat and that have stayed down include: chicken nuggets, Dutchess chicken sandwich, chicken parm grinder, tacos/enchiladas, etc. If it’s breaded and fried or covered in cheese, it’s working for now.

Cucumbers = I can’t remember where I read it, but one woman said that sucking on cucumbers soaked in water helped the nausea. We tried this once in vacation and everyone thought I was nuts. I point out that it eased Lois’ nausea, but I can’t say it was a popular plan.

Ginger = This, we have not tried yet. I will be going to the store tonight to find ginger snaps, or ginger root supplements, whatever. (I’ll probably pick up some Pepcid AC while I’m there as well). Can’t say Lois is the biggest fan of ginger, but it might be getting to that stage of “it might work, try it.” Plus, we are running out of foods that she liked pre-pregnancy that she won’t eat now, so might as well try something that she previously didn’t like, maybe now she’ll love it??!?

Liquids, tea, etc./no coffee = She hasn’t been doing coffee lately, which is good. And she has been doing some peach tea now and then, but I think that hasn’t been a huge success either. About the only two things that work right now are water and ginger ale. Right now, I’m wondering why I don’t own any stock in Schweppes.

Gatorade = some nausea could be an electrolyte imbalance problem?!?! Plus, plain water gets boring to pregnant women, so many like watered down Gatorade. This, we have yet to try. (Maybe I’ll buy some tonight when I get ginger stuff and Pepcid AC)

Products = there are things such as “Morning Sickness Magic” and other products that sound promising, but I haven’t tried them. One motion sickness band was $80 (I am borrowing one from a co-worker). There’s CDs that are supposed to help through Sound Relief. Again, I am skeptical. Before we go crazy trying the $50-$100 ideas, we will try the $2 ideas.

Smoking a Doobie = one article actually referenced medical marijuana and its ability to ease severe morning sickness. I’m not kidding, here’s actually an article on it!. Don’t worry, friends and family, we will not be trying this one.

I think we have heard everything…
“Don’t lie down right after eating.”
“Don’t drink fluids during meals.”

If anyone has any suggestions that we haven’t tried, feel free to share. Maybe this list will give those suffering from morning sickness some ideas, I don’t know.
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Hey Lois can't smoke the doobie but you could try it and see if that helps. I'm sure that's what the doctors meant.

2:42 PM  

Buy some ginger tea. Brew it and try different ways of drinking it. Try to mix it with the gingerale so it tastes good. Or add honey and ice. Try it hot if Lois likes that. Try the ginger!

4:34 PM  

Protein. If you can eat protein your stomach stays "full" longer and prevents the feeling from coming. At least that's what I found. Some people also recommend trying chicken broth.

I hope you find something that works!!!!

9:52 AM  

you make me laugh!
try the ginger stuff- my mom swears by it.
Love ya,

3:48 PM  

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