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Friday, August 04, 2006

bad bad breasts

ok, i really wanted to post something re: this article, and I do realize that Stacey & Angele beat me to it!
However, I still want to comment.
What I can say is ARE YO_ F_CKING KIDDING ME!!! People are _p in arms abo_t this cover? Women are hiding the magazine from their h_sbands???

(This is when the readers' attention to bro_ght to the fact that a certain letter seems to have stopped working on my laptop. Has everyone fig_red it o_t yet?)

Anyway, it's absol_tely amazing to me that we live in a world, how did the article say it?, that is so P_ritan (remember which letter doesn't work) that we can spend so mch money on porn and extend the limits of primetime TV as far as sex can go, b_t breastfeeding is offensive?!?!?
What the hell is wrong with people?
And the women who are hiding this magazine from their h_sbands!?!? Why? Yo_ are getting the magazine beca_se yo_ are having or will have a baby. And I ass_me that yo_r h_sband has seen yo_r boobs in the time since yo_ got married, right? What am I missing here that makes this sooooo damn offensive and wrong?
Am I completely wrong for thinking it's _tterly ridic_lo_s to flip o_t over s_ch a thing?
I j_st don't get it (head shaking). I j_st don't get it.

(hey readers, for extra credit, how many times in this entry did I really need that silly letter that seems to be permanently def_nct?)

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Yeah that.
I'm sick of idiots. Really. Get the f_ck over it already. Yo_'re h_sband has seen plenty. Either that or yo_ don't p_t o_t worth shit.

PS- I had to refresh this page twice to get a word verification witho_t a _ in it.

2:28 PM  

Sorry about your letter u. Perhaps you exhausted it--see how often you actually used it?!

People are dumb. That's really all there is to it. I don't understand the woman hiding it from her husband seeing as he has seen breasts before. In fact, he probably eats at Hooters regularly, subscribes to Playboy and watches Naked News for his news updates. She's just in denial.

Breastfeeding is natural but I guess our society thinks boobs were meant for sex and nothing more. I think we should get an island and ship all the ignorant mofo's to it. Hmmm...sounds nice. ;)

7:39 PM  

See, I thought more about this, and came to the conclusion that most men actually haven't ever seen breasts. They've seen hooters and jugs and cha chas and gazungas, but not breasts. Somehow when the baby slips out, the cunt/cooter/hoohoo becomes a vagina, and the boobs/tits/headlights become breasts. And somewhere in there, something gets really screwed up and people go batshit crazy. I don't know... maybe if we called it titfeeding, a lot more babies would benefit.
I also propose to change vaginal birth to pussybirth, to cut down on the over abundance of cesareans.

9:07 PM  

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