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Monday, July 31, 2006


work is frustrating. i keep thinking i should have stuck with teaching high school. at least that was more rewarding.

my other frustration right now is with Microsoft and their stupid Internet Explorer. when you look at this blog from firefox, the format is fine. when you use internet explorer, something crazy happens to the entire right side of it. what the %$#%? i don't have the patience for this...

i put the expectnet.com link on the right instead of my own little icon that I created. not sure what i will keep, jury is still out. but when i looked at my blog and saw all the stuff i am starting to stick up everywhere, i feel like i am going a little overboard.

well, most of the formatting stuff was done the one week that work was slow. doubt i'll ever have that chance again...

...what a strange rambling entry of nothingness...i need to leave work now, my brain has become jello.
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I'm sure Stacey could help you with the coding. It was happening to us all the time and she fixed it. It's the way their coding works it's a pain in the ars.

12:28 AM  

Jobs are hard. I don't know what it takes to be happy with your job. :/

The image is too large for the right sidebar (the new banner) which pushes it all down past your posts. Maybe you could put it at the top near your ticker and then it won't push things down--the sidebar is narrow. :) Let me know if you need more help.

Our sidebar was being pushed down like that when I had a large image in a post. I decreased the margin sizes so that it would give more room for the posts.

10:19 AM  

Looks fine on my IE, but then again I have a 20 inch screen at work (WTF?) so on a smaller screen it might not.
I often think I should have stuck to teaching on days like this... NOTHING to do...

2:50 PM  

She moved the ticker to the top so I think that's why. :)

5:09 PM  

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