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Sunday, August 06, 2006

belly laughs

My U button is working...for now. I have to pound it really hard to get it to work. Picture me trying to write a light-hearted blog entry while frantically stabbing at a certain button on my keyboard.
- - -
Salina (who is due 10 days after us) gave Lois a little care package baggie and in it was Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy.
I am not exactly a big fan of Jenny McCarthy, but figured I would read it for fun.
I just started reading it and it is hysterical. Just thought I would recommend it to anyone out there interested in getting a break from the "What to Expect...", "The Pregnancy Book" and "Your Pregnancy Week by Week" books.
As one of the critics says, it is "chatty and crude" but sometimes, we all need a little of that, right?
I'll have a better book review when I'm done!
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9:03 PM  

I heard that book is good. Let us know if it's worth reading. :)

Glad your U is back to normal.

9:04 AM  

Buy a damn keyboard, there about ten dollars, what the hell you are not getting that 4 wheel drive thing. Glad Lois is feeling better.


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