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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

more than fluttering now?

This is an actual conversation that just occurred. It’s actually pretty similar to the first conversation we had on this subject, I just feel the need to document it.

Holly: "Hello"
Lois: "Okay, it’s definitely, definitely happening now."
What’s happening?
I definitely feel Chubby kicking, it’s a definite, it’s not gas. I’m scared
What do you mean "scared"??
It's weird. I don't know. It's weird, I'm nervous, it's scary.
Lo, this is exciting. You are really feeling the baby move and you know it’s the baby. This is incredible!
It’s more scary than cool right now. I can’t explain it. It’s like having some alien or something you can’t see or can’t control inside of you moving.
It’s definitely Chubby. It’s happening over and over again, like 6 times in 10 minutes.
Lo, that’s Chubby telling you SHE’s there!
Yes, HE is.
Can I be excited for you?
It’s just…I don’t know. There’s this thing drowning in my belly (she is weirded out by the baby breathing in fluid thing) that’s kicking me.
It’s going to happen more and more.
I know, but I’m just…I don’t know if I can get used to this. I can’t imagine a harder kick or a stronger feeling right now.
It makes me jump every single time.

I have a mental picture of Lois sitting at her desk at work jumping at every Chubby kick and having this look of total fear in her eyes.

I think her absolute surprise about every level of pregnancy is cute and a little discerning at the same time.

Tee hee.
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Lois is hilarious!

That is so cool that the baby is noticeably kicking now. I have felt the baby a few times but nothing too strong. Can't wait for that moment when I can feel big kicks.

1:25 PM  

Oh poor her! You shouldn't tease her you mean mean partner. That's YOUR baby drowning in her belly.
But it's sweet nonetheless. And those kicks are gonna get a whole lot harder.

2:16 PM  

LMAO I love the arguing over a boy or a girl... LOVE IT!!!

That's awesome!

2:49 PM  

Yeah I would have to agree that it feels very weird at first, and throughout the whole pregnancy. I still am amazed that I could grow a baby in my tummy and my Baby is 2 1/2!

3:25 PM  

Great story!! I especially love the "tee hee" at the end.

3:41 PM  

What a great story! I'm sure she will get used to the feeling, and it won't be so weird.

3:55 PM  

It is fun to read how the pregnancy is progressing since Lois and I are so close in due dates. (I'm due 2/12) I have been feeling more movement too and it is kinda freaky and cool at the same time. I can totally relate.

4:46 PM  

Holly, tell Lois that the baby isn't drowning. :) Chubby isn't even big enough yet to swallow amniotic fluid!
Tell her that even if her brain is freaking out, her body knows exactly what it's doing. Her body wouldn't hurt the baby (without very good reason and then we know what happens there...) and Chubby is very happy and healthy. I know how hard it is to share your body with a baby, but it doesn't last forever. Babies only want your body for so long before they come out and decide what they really want is your money!

5:16 PM  

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