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Friday, September 15, 2006


I’ve been asked to share some of our favorite names so far. Of course, we are well aware that we will get two cents from everyone we tell, so we will be a little secretive about the picks that make it into our top 2-3 for a little while.

We think we have picked a middle name. If we use my last name (which is very WASPy), we might use Lois’ mom’s maiden name as a middle name, which is Keenan. (how Irish Catholic!)

Here are some potential names in no particular order.

I have my favorites, but we will spend more time whittling them down when we have a idea of if we are looking for girl names or boy names.



*(I put this on the list because Lois has wanted this name all along. I told Lois she shouldn’t be naming our child after an Indy car driver she has the hots for)


Andrew (Drew)
Cole (Lois hates that name)

You think about so many things when you are naming a kid. You don't want a name to sound like an old bitty, but not so immature that it won't be professional when the kid is grown up.
You need to pay attention to initials (our kid's last name will start with an R). You can't have initials like ASS (a friend of Lois' family) or KKK (a college friend of my sister's.)

We can't use Lucy, Jack, Emma, Samantha, Maggie because they are the names of our friends' pets. We can't use Grace, Julia, Addison, Kaden, Harold or others than are the names of our friends kids. You can't use names that remind you of someone who you don't like so much (and that happens more than one would think).

This is hard and I know we will change our mind several times. I am hoping that once we know whether Chubby is a boy or a girl (14 days), we will come up with a top 3 and make the final decision when our little one enters into the world!!

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I know and to think it's for life. It's a very hard decision to make. You have a good list there to start from.

9:41 AM  

You have a longer list than us! We just don't agree on too many names. We have (for now--but the list changes)...
Girl: Riley, Makaila or Savannah with middle name Skylar, Olivia or ...there's one more
Boy: Jackson Peters (JP for short)

It is so hard! We had Hannah Renee originally but it's in the top 10 names for the past 3 years and so we wanted something less popular. It's really hard to come up with someone's name for the rest of their life! I mean, that's a HUGE deal! For instance, my mom was going to name me Star and I'm so glad she didn't. :-P

And I hear ya on the limitations of what you can choose from. Angele always sighs when I say, "But I knew a [insert name]..."

10:59 AM  

Mackenzie and Morgan- Male names. Mackenzie meaning son of Kenneth and Morgan being a surname.
Emily- The most popular name in existence.
Hailey- Boy's name, surname, place name. Ditto Emily.

Actually, darn... your list isn't near scary enough. Add something horrid (like Addison on a female or anything ending in -aden) and then get back to me :)

Or there's this.

3:06 PM  

Well, I suppose naming a child could be more difficult that it is...I mean, imagine being a member of the Royal family. Don't they all have like 8 names or something? When Prince William was born, a good friend of mine read his name and said, "That's just way too much to remember, I'm just gonna call the little booger Billy Chuck Jim Bob!". Nothing like a little hillbilly naming humor to make you smile (or cringe)!

5:32 PM  

how about Cole Andrew, initals= CAR
or Brynley Abigail, initals= BAR
or Jenna Abigail, initals= JAR

I like all of the names on your list, and sorry Lois, but I agree with Holly on the Danica thing....

I think you should use Keenan as a middle name- i like it!

6:47 PM  

We have one of the most unique names for a little girl ON PLANET EARTH! Insert dramatic music here.

It was risky and some people raise their eyebrows but most say, "COOL!"

I don't know how we top her name for this next little girl.

Sorry I cannot post the actual name for fear of the Google-ites finding me. I'm slightly hated on the internut.

Let's just say that no one that year was named her name and no one has been since and probably never will. And yet, it's not too weird.

I like unique names. Not cringe worthy names. Names that instantly bring beautiful images to your mind.

The most popular/common names make me think of my school years in classrooms where there were five others with the same name. People called us by numbers or our last names. Bleh.

Yes, very complicated indeed.

8:49 PM  

I like Mackenzie and Morgan for a girl. They are used not only for males but for girls as well.

12:23 AM  

Good Lois, keep hating Cole. It's OURS!

5:31 PM  

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