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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

17 week appt.

Lois just called from her doctor’s appointment. Everything went well. When the doc was checked for Chubby’s heartbeat with the Doppler, the Chubbster gave a swift kick. It was a big fat "HERE I AM" with a bang!

Everything looks good and she had yet another blood test.

These appointments usually only take 5 minutes, so I was worried that Lois got lost on her way there with my back road/traffic avoidance directions when she didn’t call after 30 minutes.

When she did call, she said that she’d been done for 15 minutes, but spent the time chatting with the nurses.

The nurses are so invested in this pregnancy, it’s unbelievable.

At least one or two nurses said they are staying late the night of our anatomy scan so they can find out with us!

I figure it is probably due to the fact that it’s an OB/GYN office, not a reproductive specialist office so they are not used to actually "getting their patients pregnant."

We have an appointment set up for the anatomy scan on September 29th @ 5 pm.

That means everyone better get their guesses in to the Expectnet game before then!
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You gotta love it when the little one gives you a big shout out like that! Glad everything looks good and we can't wait to find out about the plumbing. :)

7:34 PM  

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is sooo exciting. Maybe we will go on the same day!!!

They should be invested in the Chubby cause the Chubby rocks!!!

11:19 PM  

Ok, I have to know something. What is the heart rate and what has it been all along? I think I can better predict knowing that answer!

3:12 PM  

That's great that the appointment went so well. Funny that Chubby kicked at that moment. :)

3:55 PM  

Our little Peanut kicks away when her/his heartbeat is being heard. Makes me a little scared for when the feet are bigger!
Good luck at the scan next week. Can't wait to hear about Chubby!We're hoping to go soon ourselves.

5:43 PM  

Well, the heart rate thing is an old wive's tale but has been right for me in both pregnancies. My girl was high at 185 for the first scan. Now she's 175.

I will predict that Chubby is a boy. Can't wait to hear!

5:46 PM  

Congrats, so happy for you both :-)

2:15 AM  

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