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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

a new day

The clouds have parted, the sun is shining and flowers are blooming!

Lois is cooking again!

This is great for me because that means I don’t do take out for every single meal! But also, of course, great for Lois because this means she is feeling better!

She even made a hot dip with cream cheese, salsa and monterey jack cheese. She hates cream cheese and salsa! What’s up with that?


We went to the Stormville Flea Market on Sunday and I had a continuous thought as I was people watching.

Now, I didn’t really consider myself pretentious, but my was something like this “look at all these scary, crazy-looking people with children. If they can handle it, we definitely can!” or “conservatives are worried about us having children, look at these frightening straight people who are allowed to have kids with so much ease!”

Is that bad?
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Keep losing my post. :(

Yay for Lois cooking again!

I don't think it's bad to feel how you felt. There are A LOT of bad parents out there. Just yesterday I was horrified at a woman carrying her 3 year old in a stroller down the subway steps. She said to her kid, "You should be walking, you lazy ass!" I thought, that is an awful thing to say to a little kid! Who uses that kind of language with a 3 year old? There are a lot of bad parents out there and I often find myself thinking, we will be so much better than that. Maybe that makes me judgemental or something but seriously...some people are idiots!

2:29 PM  

I hope it is not bad, because I do the same thing!

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