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Thursday, August 31, 2006

snoring...the beginning

One morning, when I was in law school, my friend Jim walked into our school civil practice clinic and slumped down next to me with a look of defeat. He looked up at me and matter-of-factly stated “Pregnant women snore.”
His wife was pretty far along at that point and I attempted to sympathize with him, but I really thought it was funny.
Tonight, I should be sleeping. Tomorrow is going to be an early day and a long day. But I can’t go to bed until I finish watching Andre Agassi win this darn match. (I am a huge tennis fan but I have never seen the entire crowd at a tennis event do the wave, it’s a pretty cool thing to see).
I digress.
As I am fighting to stay awake for this match, Lois passed out. And she is snoring. And I think it’s freaking adorable.
I have a feeling I will not think it’s adorable forever, but it’s cute right now.
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Stacey is also snoring more and more every night.

10:25 AM  

I am? Who knew.

I caught myself about to snore on the subway a few times. Yikes! That's kind of embarrassing...

11:44 AM  

I think most things are cute when they first start happening, huh? Wendy isn't far enough along yet to snore, but she grunts alot particularly in the early morning. It makes me smile every time.

6:48 PM  

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