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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

34 weeks

I think it's a little funny that Lois thinks that when she's ready, that will be it.
She thinks that we'll get to 35 weeks or 36 weeks, and he will just come into the world.

I keep telling her this kid could be full term or even late. She hates it when I say that, but she’s now agreeing with me that she doesn’t have control over it.

As for an update on Andrew . . . (it’s not all about us I guess)

She had another appointment with the doc this morning and he’s estimated to be about 5.1 pounds. Of course, they tell you that the estimate could be off by 10% either way, which is significant enough.

The ultrasound did show his chest moving with each breath. How cool is that!?!?!

However, he is still facing outwards and the doc expressed that the child birth would be a little easier if he was facing backwards. You would think as active as he is that he would have rolled completely over by now, but apparently he’s pretty much in the same position as he was 8 weeks ago.

And it was discovered that Lois’ rib pain is attributable to his constant kicking of her right rib. Ouch.

Everything looks good.

The hospital bag is now ready. Tomorrow night, we get the car seat. Friday, we may be getting the crib. If he doesn’t come before tomorrow night, I think he will not arrive until February.

Murphy’s law of preparedness, right?
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Glad to hear that Andrew is doing great. I'm so excited to meet him but of course a little more time in there would be best. I know Lois is ready for him but I'm sure he's finishing up some vital lung development and stuff. I'm just so happy that you guys have made it to 34 weeks after the big scare in December!!! :)

4:04 PM  

Glad everything looks good - hw fabulous to have made it to 34 weeks. I know it seems like a lifetime to Lois - but the last weeks of pregnancy do feel like that and then suddenly it is over and the long haul and real wonderful begins and you wonder what it was you were worrying about it was just a flash of time.

That said it must feel bloody awful at the moment!

9:16 PM  

Glad to hear you guys are getting all prepared for Andrew.... sounds like it won't be too long before he is here. Take care!

9:16 PM  

They told me my baby was over 7lbs at 35 weeks. He came at 38 weeks and was 7lbs 1oz.
He probably put on 3 lbs....don't listen to what they tell you. I was expecting an 9lb'er.

You do have some control. Taking it easy when they lift bed rest this next week. ie...not jumping up and down, and taking castor oil (which does NOT work..I repeat...does NOT work :) It makes your intestines cramp...not the uterus.

Cook baby cook. I promise you will look back with regret days and even years down the line if you don't do everything in your power to keep that baby in until he's fully ready to enter the world.

-Concerned and experienced friend-

10:32 PM  

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