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Sunday, January 21, 2007

36.5 weeks

36.5 weeks
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Lois woke up yesterday feeling and looking more pregnant.

Has she popped?

I think it's adorable.

And she still has no stretch marks!!!!

And now that she's mobile again, she gets to wear the cute maternity jeans we bought right before the BRI (Bed Rest Incident).
She's still not "huge" though. But at least it's getting a little harder to hide!

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10:25 AM  

You are doing so great.
Your baby is growing and cooking more every day.
You will be so proud of yourself once this is all over.
Way to go mom.

12:54 PM  

Great belly shot. Thanks for sharing. There are days I wish I could wear Shelly's maternity pants. :)

The big day is getting closer!

7:06 PM  

The real question is--does she have the pregnant lady waddle?

7:57 PM  

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