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Sunday, January 14, 2007

"I've graduated!!"

First of all - GO PATS!!!

Secondly, I want to say that I am recovering from my breakdown and we had a very successful weekend.

Saturday morning, Lois stayed in bed for a while. Lois was on the phone with Suz when she heard vacuuming.

"What did she break?" Suz asked.

This is what Lois saw when she made it downstairs:

What is it? It's our living room - our cot-free living room!

She was so excited. All she kept saying was "I've graduated! I've graduated! I've graduated from the cot to the couch!!"

Yes, friends, she has graduated. She can now move around, a little.

We had a wonderful morning in our clean living room as I made her a great breakfast!

She took full advantage of her new found freedom as we spent 1/2 of the day at Salina's baby shower and a few hours at Laura and Nancy's afterwards.

Ok, so she spent the entire time on the couch in both places, but at least it was a change of scenery.

Congrats Lo! I can't believe how well you have done to make it this far!
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You are doing SO good.
Your baby is growing and doing so much better for all of the pain that you've had to go through.
Big huge pat on the back.
Now if you can just stand it for 2 more weeks.

11:44 PM  

I'm so excited for you both. I just finished your blog. Love it. I just started my own. My g/f and I are taking the first steps of motherhood ourselves. Ive found such helpful info on your blog and others like it. I wish you both the best of everything!

May I ask one non baby making question? I just started my own blog...how will people find it? Ive found the ones Ive read from other peoples blogs.

Just wondering....if you have time to answer I can be reached at kperry@williamsburgva.gov

Thanks and best of luck with your upcoming bundle of joy!


7:14 AM  

Congratulations Lo!!!

9:55 AM  

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