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Thursday, January 18, 2007

baby needs

This little guy is still so darn restless!
Everyone talks about how you don’t feel much movement in the last month because things are so tight in there.
Uh uh
So not true.
Our little guy just finds more space to move to.

Of course, he never does it long enough for me to run down 2 flights of stairs to get the camera or camcorder.

But when he moves, he moves OUT. He did something which could be comparative to the Macarena on Monday morning, or the hokey pokey

left shoulder in, left shoulder out, right shoulder in, right shoulder out, butt in, but out, shaking all about in there

This morning, Lois had a HUGE lump on her right side. It was almost like his entire back and butt were sticking out sideways.

Very cool. Weird, but cool.


On another note, I am again asking for advice from the parents out there.

We postponed out baby shower(s) in December because Lois was on bed rest. We figured we would have it when he came. But now, we are just trying to figure out what we definitely need to have in the first month after he is born before the shower.

Here’s what he have so far:

- bassinet (no sheets yet) (thank you Suz)
- newborn clothes (thank you Suz)
- wipes
- a few diapers
- crib (in the box)
- pack and play (still in the box)
- car seat and stroller
- some bottles (thank you Suz)
- breast pump (thank you Suz!)
- crib bedding (thank you S&A!!!)

We might be in real trouble if it wasn’t for Suz.

Some things were purchased from our registry that I might like to have before the shower, but may not be absolutely necessary, such as:

- swing
- baby monitor
- bathtub

What else do we need for the first 4-6 weeks??? Is it rude to ask around to find out who might have already bought things???!?!?

We are having a painting party this weekend and I might have the changing table too! Is it possible that I could get his room set up this weekend?
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How fun is it that A's already doing the hokey pokey! I love it! I can't wait to see his face.

Can't help you out with your list but I'm definitely going to check back and steal from it.

Good luck! It's getting sooo close!

12:18 PM  

I had to go out last night at 11:30 and get a nasal aspirator because Erik's nose is stuffy. We talked to a nurse today and she doesn't think it's a cold, just nasal congestion and she suggested getting a vaporizer. I also bought a thermometer last night to make sure he didn't have a fever. These are all things we'd registered for and have now had to buy ourselves and will have to take off the registry. I told Kim to tell her mother that's why we should have had a shower before he was born, which is what we wanted but she insisted it should be after. Grrr. LOL.

Hopefully your little guy won't need those things right away, but ours did and it would have been good to have them handy.

Other than that, LOTS of receiving blankets and diapers (we go through them like crazy!) The monitors come in handy if he's sleeping and you want to be somewhere else in the house.

12:23 PM  

are you guys going to be nursing? I only ask because on my first baby I totally had no clue what I was doing and I forgot nursing bras and nursing pads which are a must. Even if you arn't going to nurse you will need nursing pads for a while. I felt like a total retard when I had to send my mother to the srore for this stuff. Needless to say that is the first thing I purchased on my second baby.

2:42 PM  

I don't know how cold it is there...but you will need onsies.
Sleepers, you know the kind with feet. I recommend the kind that zip....snaps suck.
Gloves. My babies all attacked their faces right after birth. You can use socks to put on their hands if you have some.
You HAVE to have burp rags. Hopefully your baby doesn't spit up a lot, but they all spit up.
Aspirator. the hospital will probably send you home with the one that you use in the hospital.
Diaper cream.
Binkys. I didn't use the big honking kind the hospital gives you.
Sanitary napkins. You are going to be bleeding for a while, and will need them.
Also...a MUST HAVE. Tucks medicated pads. You will probably not get hemmorhoids but the tucks pads sooth everything that happens to hurt down there. TRUST ME !
Line 3 tucks pads along your maxi pad and you are set.
Diapers. They go through a lot. For some reason their poop seeps through everything. 1 TBS newborn poop = a blow out, and a new outfit !
Good luck

2:58 PM  

Gosh, I can't believe 36 weeks is hear. Time flies when someone else is pregnant!

Suz, you really are a good friend. How handy you both have little boys.

Congrats on getting the room together.

Holly, did you see Consumer Reports acknowledges its report on carseats is flawed?

3:17 PM  

Ok, you asked! And we need to get together because I have alot of stuff for you and at this point, no, it's not rude to ask people what they got you, to give it to you, or to get you something you need.

Here's my list:

Undershirts- about a dozen of the kimono kind with the mits that fold over the hands. You can't put a onesie on a newborn until the cord stub falls off and you need an undershirt because it's cold.

Sleepers- the kind with snaps because the ones with zippers zip from the top and now you've just exposed your newborn's whole body to the cold and not just his legs and bottom. You can handle the snaps. I recommend another dozen of these and get the cotton ones. Make sure you have the ones with feet! You can always add more blankets on top, but if he's too hot in the outfit you have the take the whole thing off...

Socks to wear under the sleepers to keep his feet warm.

Hats-just a few but you will need them for the first couple of weeks and when you go out. Get them as small as they come.

Diapers, wipes, and diaper rash cream.

Baby washclothes and a package of cloth diapers to use as burp clothes-they come in handy for everything.

Receiving blankets- I have some for you and some fleece blankets too.

Breast pump, bottles and breastmilk storage bags so you can freeze some milk for later.

Nursing bras- start with two in the band size you were BEFORE you got pregnant and two cup sizes larger than you were BEFORE you got pregnant. I recommend the brand Fancee Free found on Amazon, but try some different brands and see what you like. Try to get cotton.

Nursing pads-these are a must and you can find them in the grocery story with the milk storage bags.

Changing table with pad and cover. If nothing else, get one of the table pads and put it on the counter for now. He's not going to roll around much yet.

Mylicon for gas.

The biggest sanitary pads you can find because the ones from the hospital don't last long enough.

A digital thermometer that can be used rectally cause if he feels warm you need to know how warm. Over 101 you call the pediatrician!

You don't need yet: the bathtub as you will be giving sponge baths for a little while so he doesn't get too cold, the monitor as he will be with you or near by for a while and the swing. Get these things in the first month.

I'll send you a bunch of stuff. Just email me your address! mooscicle@yahoo.com


3:35 PM  

We were told to give actual baths. No more than 2 a week. They say you don't need to sponge bath them like in the old days where they though the cord shouldn't get wet.

Sounds like people have given you a great list.

You might want some cream for breasts--the lanolin cream, I think it's called. Good for sore nipples when breastfeeding.

Definitely lots of blankets and washcloths--you can buy blankets used as well. We found some amazing ones at a local store that look brand new.

Lots of onsies as babies are messy.

Baby nail clippers for those long nails because babies like to scratch themselves. Of course little mitts or socks for the hands are great too.

If you don't know how to swaddle, you can invest in something like a Miracle Blanket. Works really well and is very easy. Babies like being swaddled early on. Not a necessity but great to have.

You might want to wait on getting *too* many diapers. My friend's baby was too big for the newborn ones when she was born. :-P

It sounds like you're really set so far. :) No problem about the bedding. Glad you are able to enjoy it soon! Can't wait to see the room once it's all put together.

4:50 PM  

You need burp cloths. Those things vomit all the time and you don't want to get it on your Patriots sweatshirt while you are cheering them on to their victory.

Also, you forgot to mention the crucial "Hatched by two chicks" bib obtained from me.

Oh, and my cousin had a really awesome thing for her car that goes across from the baby's car seat. I will totally get this for you as part of your shower present and even send it early if you tell me you didn't register for it already.


And my friends had this nursing pillow that they took everywhere. It was a big semi-circle and fit around the mommy's tummy and supported the baby while she was nursing, which made nursing easier on the nursing momma's arms.

6:38 PM  

The nipple cream is called Lansinoh. It's in a purple tube in the baby section of Target. Love the stuff!

We actually bathed Olivia with a wet wash cloth while keeping her on a towel for the first month. Actually, it may have been 2 months we did that. We weren't worried about cord so much. We tried her in the baby bathtube early on, but she was so hard to manage there. She was soooo little and floppy. It was hard to really get the job done...especially if only one person was involved. Both hands were holding the slippery baby. I needed a third hand to do the washing.

9:15 PM  

Ha...Meg, did you read Bevin's comment about the Patriots winning!?!?!

thanks for the tip, Bevin!

And thank you everyone for the advice!

I have breast pads, a boppy pillow, some breast therapy stuff, and other stuff.

Lois has been through the baby thing before with the girls, but that was 10 years ago. We might find a few things through trial and error in the beginning.

I think we're going to be ok!

9:21 PM  

and oh yeah, we have a few of these swaddler things.

9:29 PM  

The #1 thing I couldn't live without was my BOBBY nursing pillow! I was wonderful... you've received terrific ideas. Another item I had to run-out-and-buy was a soft baby hair brush! :)

HAVE FUN! Won't be long now!

11:39 PM  

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