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Monday, January 15, 2007

new blogs

Hey readers!

Even if we don't always comment, we love keeping tabs on all of the blogs we visit.

This blog community is a wonderful thing!

There have been a lot of changes in these families since we started all of this almost 2 years ago!

Here are two new blogs of women ready to start this journey!

Please visit their blogs and offer any advice or thoughts!

Mommies in the Making

Starting this life



I think Loey would be mad at me for spending any money right now, but I really want this shirt for Andrew.

It comes in a onesie!

posted by Holly at 8:29 AM


Love the shirt! I say buy it! Hope everything is going well. Thanks for the heads up on the new groups. I'll check them out.

9:54 AM  

I love that shirt. We found one for our nephew who is 15 months that says, "I do all my own stunts". It was a huge hit at x-mas.

11:25 AM  

Consider it bought. Please remember to put him in it when he visits your mother.

6:18 PM  

Hey I am a Colts fan... so we will be playing this weekend!!! Hey, I had to move my blog.... please visit it anytime...


9:08 PM  

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