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Monday, January 15, 2007

excited utterances*

Lois needs to work on how she starts conversations or reacts to kicks or moves.

She called Jody last week and started the conversation like "Jody, I'm so scared!"

It was a gossip call, but Jody had one shoe on grabbing for her keys.

Lately, she's been saying a ton of "OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH"s or "Oh My God!"s at a fairly alarming tone. After a giant heart rate blip, I soon realize that she is fine.

Usually, I ask her if she's okay about 25-30 times per day to make sure. I think she's getting a little tired of that.

Saturday night, she gave me another quick scare when she stood up and said "OH MY GOD!" as she held her belly.

No, it was not a water breaking moment or a contraction. Apparently, her belly button had popped out.

Everyone in the room slowly released the breath that they had just held in. Thank you again Lo for stopping time with an excited utterance.


And here's one for the "oh how our lives have changed" category...

We're using shot glasses from my collection again lately.

Every night, I take down a different shot glass from the shelf and Lois does a shot of....



We are wild and crazy girls!!!


*I think the term "excited utterances" is one of the few things I remember from Evidence in law school - one of those hearsay rules. Hey, I'm not a litigator.
posted by Holly at 9:29 PM


Ha ha, I remember Kim doing that to me at the end of her pregnancy too! Or maybe I was a little anxious. ;)

8:20 AM  

Love that your shot classes are getting some use. We've talked about converting the cupboards of our lawyers bar into a place to store baby items so we have easy access from the living room. No need to worry about storing any booze as we haven't bought any for months! Funny how things change.

I check your blog several times a day in case little Andrew decides to make his grand entrance early.

8:29 AM  

So, what does a "popped out" belly button look like?

9:34 AM  


OK, maybe it's just another pregnant woman talking, but I can tell you that if my belly button suddenly goes external, I'll be issuing some excited utterances, too!

1:57 PM  

haha...love this post. so much we have to look forward to! and especially the belly button thing - that would totally freak me out!

4:42 PM  

LOL. You guys crack me up.

8:59 PM  

Man, I remember the heartburn days. Cheers to Mylanta. I used Zantac tablets. 75mg. The last few weeks were something else.

So funny Holly. When Lois really is in labor, you're going to think she's just reacting to a movement.

I remember the belly button changes too. Right around week 38 mine became super flat and stretched. Like a quarter. My belly also dropped to the point my boobs were no longer hugging my chin.

2:42 PM  

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