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Monday, January 22, 2007

another post about being ready

Am I upset about the Patriots loss?
Am I surprised?

We left Salina and Ben’s house at halftime and Ben was telling me how the Patriots will definitely win. Considering they were winning 21-3 at the time he said it, it was not an outrageous thing to say.
"I never think the Patriots can’t blow a big lead. Plus, Payton Manning never goes quietly into the night."
By the time we got home, got Lois her Mylanta and crawled into bed for some major football action, the score was 21-21.
Throughout the night, as the Patriots never put up a fight, Lois kept turning to me and saying, "Wow, your team really sucks!"

Well, they were definitely not Super Bowl quality this year. That was very apparent last night.

- - - -

A friend of mine once said that when the 40 week pregnancy was contrived in the big scheme of nature (however you believe it was all created), it was a perfect amount of time.

During much of the pregnancy, you are excited but really scared about ever wanting it to end, to have to go through child birth.

Once you’ve been pregnant for close to 40 weeks, you just want to get that F%$*ing thing out of you.



Lois is ready. I know I’ve said this before, but she’s really ready.

She’s cranky and whiney. She’s tired of the heartburn, she’s tired of the rib pain, she’s tired of the back pain, she’s tired of not being able to walk up the stairs without wiping herself out. She’s tired of being pregnant.

Now, she keeps saying "he’s never going to come! Dammit.After 8 flipping weeks of bed rest, he’s not going to come. I probably could have been up doing jumping jacks 5 weeks ago and he wouldn’t have come. Dammit!"

She’s very warm and happy and sunny right now. As probably most women are 3 weeks before their due date.

And for crying out loud, I’m exhausted.

I know that I am not the pregnant one and very little sympathy should be had for me, but I will bitch and moan anyway.

I slept for about 4 hours last night in total. 3 things kept me awake all night.

1. Lois is never comfortable. She must reposition all night long. Each reposition requires some heaving, loud sighs and a forceful motion that seems to move the entire bed.
2. There are these loud gasps that happen. Lois says that every so often, she feels like she is choking and has a gasp for air. When I am just at the point of falling back asleep, I hear this gasp and jolt awake with my heart racing ready for the next statement to be something along the lines of "Holy shit, my water just broke!"
3. Pregnant women snore. Really loud. Like a linebacker or a sumo wrestler might snore. And they don’t think they snore at all.

Time is now slowing down. It feels like he will not be here anytime in the near future.

This does seem like a really long pregnancy. It feels like we’ve been pregnant for 2 years.
Does it seem exceptionally long to anyone else?
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Sorry your team lost.

I can sympathize--it really does feel like an enternity at the end. You just want to be done and see your little baby. I know I am ready too and I'm just over a week behind Lois. Sleeping is the worst lately--I wake up with a stiff back. Shifting is uncomfortable and usually I have to take a trip to the bathroom when I do switch sides as the change in pressure presses on my bladder. I know I also make plenty of noises when falling asleep and probably drive Angele crazy.

I'll be hoping for Andrew to make his appearance soon. I mean, 37 weeks is term anyway, right? I'm kind of hoping Riley might take me away from work earlier than 39 weeks. Hehehe.

10:58 AM  

The last month is by far the worst. You're miserable, tired and anxious.
I promise....nobody ever listens to the wise ones that have gone before you, but believe me...This baby boy is much easier to babysit on the inside.
Hang in there. You are both doing GREAT !

11:32 AM  

Being as I have none of the pregnancy experience, I'll just go to football.

Brady played a gorgeous game up until that last interception. Where was the D? There wasn't any. Yeah, they all had the flu, whatever. The offense brought their A game, and had a RUNAWAY going, but the defense couldn't hold their crap together. I'm pissed, mostly because I don't like any teams helded by a Manning, and well, my mom does, and had no problem calling to tell me that the Pats were on vacation, and not to disneyland. Thanks mom.

12:07 PM  

I was just telling Stacey last night that I can't wait till this pregnancy is over so she can STOP SNORING!!! When I married her I married a non-snoring person. GOD!

So I hear you. I believe we are both nesting. We have been having the urge to clean all the time and get things ready. Are you guys doing the same thing?? Do you find yourself up and awake every 3-4 hours or so. I do. She can come anytime after 37weeks that would be fine with me. By that time all our families will be back from the beach and off cruise ships.

12:10 PM  

Sorry to hear about the Patriots!

I think that the Frog can definitely sympathize with you. I'm guilty of the repositioning, gasps, and the snoring (I've quit even trying to deny it at this point).

Hopefully it will all be over soon and we'll have gorgeous babies to keep us awake all night long instead.

2:29 PM  

As the one who wasn't pregnant, I can definitely sympathize with you! Especially about the moving, gasping and snoring all night! But soon those sounds will be replaced by the sounds of your baby moving, gasping and snoring all night. Also tiring, but much more fun. :)

3:22 PM  

I so know what you mean. The last month is the hardest because you are anxiously waiting for your baby to arrive, and you never know when it will happen.

3:26 PM  

Good to hear about this from your point of view. I'm sure T can empathize with you. Tell Lois that I am a fellow sigher/grunter, gasp for no reason and wake myself up snoring which is no freakin' picnic. We're almost there!!!

5:45 PM  

It does feel like this pregnancy has gone on forever, but I am about 2 and a half weeks behind you, so it kind of seems that you are REALLY close to the end now.

I still feel like I have another year to cook this kid.

As much as the last month sucks (I have an older daughter), it beats the crap about of having a baby in the NICU.

10:01 PM  

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