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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


We ordered blinds. They had to be custom because we wanted something nicer than the $4.99 blinds currently in the baby’s room.

We ordered the Bali cellular shades, blackout style and cordless for complete baby safety and comfort.


Let me say that again.


The flipping blinds cost more than the crib.

That's an Inno, PSP or even an autographed Tedy Bruschi jersey for Mommy Holly that is sacrificed in the name of blinds.

(Like Lois would let me spend $300 on any of the above anyway)

posted by Holly at 2:02 PM


Pretty please could you post a picture when you've got them installed? I'd like to see what $300.00 blinds look likef.

3:14 PM  

I want to see pics too. Also, are you going to go by Mommy Holly to the baby? Have you made this decision?

5:48 PM  

Mmm PSP...

The blinds sound nice. My family loves their cellular shades. Are they the type you can pull down or pull up? Have it coming from the top or bottom?

We spent about that amount on really nice curtains from Pottery Barn Kids--they have a thick liner so that they will block out light when closed and we opted for cool pullbacks and curtain rod. The baby has the nicest window treatments in the house.

10:10 AM  

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