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Thursday, January 25, 2007

"he's never coming!!"

Lois seemed to think that once she started walking around, things would move along quickly.

We hit 37 weeks and Lois is uncomfortable, so she thinks he should come now.

Guess what?

He's not ready to come anytime soon!

We had the appointment today. She's as effaced as she was 9 weeks ago and is not dialated AT ALL!!!

She was sorely disappointed.

Most of the OB office seems to be placing bets that she will be induced at 41 weeks.

My mother seemed to be a little sad that it doesn't look like he will be born on her 60th birthday tomorrow.
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Hey, if a doctor is willing to induce labor so that some guy can go watch a Bears game, then surely your OB would consider inducing on your mom's birthday!

I hope you and Lois have better luck at her next doctor's visit!

8:41 PM  

Sorry to hear it but I guess little Andrew needs a little more time in there. Tell her to hang tight--she's almost done!

7:02 AM  

Here's my advice from the post-preggo side of things: Try to enjoy this remaining time when Andrew is inside, because--believe it or not--this is the easier part! He's snug and secure, his meals are provided w/out effort, no crying or diapers yet! Try to think of this in-utero time as free daycare :-)

I've really appreciated your supportive comments on my blog and just want you guys to know we're cheering you on from Pennsylvania. So glad you're out of the preemie danger zone and can't wait to see little Andrew!

~Melissa and family

12:39 PM  

Maybe we all over did it a little with the stay put vibes. Maybe we should start sending movin' out vibes. Isn't that a song by Billy Joe, "Movin' Out". Maybe you could play that over and over. Maybe he'd get the hint. Maybe he too depressed that the Pats are out of it and can't bear being born to witness a SuperBowl without them. So many maybes.

7:54 PM  

Ok so I don't post a lot, but I read faithfuly every day...now could the lack of posts be a hint that your beautiful boy is here???

2:42 PM  

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