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Monday, January 29, 2007

sorry to disappoint

My lack of posts doesn’t mean that he’s here yet!

Sorry to disappoint!

Despite Lois’ best efforts to walk as much as her body allows and make bold statements about spicy food, castor oil, ginger, jumping jacks, etc., he is not here yet.

I still believe it’s not going to happen until after February 14th, but Lois doesn’t want to hear that.

This weekend was busy and work is crazy today.

My brain is too filled with theories on complications of improper tax assessments from independent valuation companies to comprehend something as light hearted as a fun-filled blog entry.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?
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Sounds thrilling!

Sorry he's not here yet. Maybe we'll have the same delivery dates. ;) Sorry, don't tell Lois I said that.

I'm ready to be done too. Soon. :)

5:26 PM  

I was just thinking, "I wonder if Andrew is here since they aren't posting". I am also sad he didn't come today because on your "guess when he's coming" contest I had picked Jan. 29 at 8:22am. Oh well..

5:43 PM  

Tell Lois I can sympathize! We've been trying everything short of reaching in to yank her out! My doctor says eggplant parmesan helps. I've been eating the stuff all weekend with no results, but if Lois is as desperate as I am, she'll try anything! I've also heard that curry can help start labor so I'll be having it for dinner tommorrow.

Good luck ladies, I hope he makes his entrance sooner rather than later!

6:47 PM  

Please don't use castor oil! It doesn't make the baby come out, but makes you go to the bathroom-ALOT.
None of those other things really work except SEX.

Yes, sex is the only "home remedy" that actually can help induce labor.

Just relax and move. He will come soon.

8:39 AM  

Yeah and even then, it's straight sex that works best since it's the semen that softens the cervix and can bring on labour. :/

12:27 PM  

I agree about the castor oil - it also can cause the baby to poop before birth, and that causes problems for laboring (i.e. they plant your butt in BED). Lots of nip play will work though *EG*

Btw, new to your blog - just a few days behind on the gestational calendar! Congrats to you both and I look forward to hearing "The Story" :) Best of luck to all of you!

7:11 PM  

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