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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

38 weeks

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I can't believe we've made it to 38 weeks!

I don't think anyone thought we'd make it this far, especially us.

How cute is Loey all pregnant in my boxers!!

On the baby front, he's moving just as much as he was weeks ago. Now, we can feel what is his foot, maybe it's a knee, or when he sticks his butt out.

Lois stated to me tonight that she is ready for this kid to be here, but not ready to bring him here. What do you mean there is no stork that just brings the baby here?!?!?

Originally uploaded by hollykr1976.
And, don't worry sports fans! I may be lacking in my college team wear, but I have not neglected my Yanks or my Pats!!
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I love the clothes!! So cute!

Just a little longer, Lois.

8:53 AM  

Congrats on making it to 38 weeks! Lois looks fantastic. Andrew will be adorable in his sports gear--hang in there, he'll be with you soon!

9:54 AM  

Great photos! We're wishing you both the best!

1:50 PM  

Congratulations on 38 weeks. Any time now, Andrew!!! :)

Great photo--Lois is looking great.

Understandable about the sports gear. We bought Toronto Maple Leaf gear to make my brother and dad happy. ;)

2:28 PM  

Congrats on making 38 weeks! You're in the home stretch now.

The very first thing my best friend bought for the baby was a KY Wildcats binky. Both she and my Step-father are from KY and they're HUGE fans.

Lois looks adorable! I wish my belly was that cute; I have to get the Frog to Photoshop out all my stretch marks.

2:37 PM  

Congrats on 38 weeks!

2:48 PM  

Lois - You look adorable!

Cute, cute, cute clothes! What a lucky little boy!

3:39 PM  

I love Lois's belly!

6:25 PM  

I did not mean to post as anonymous---- its me, Brynley!!!!!

6:27 PM  

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