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Monday, April 16, 2007

Toy of the Week

The Tiny Love Symphony Light and Motion Mobile is the Toy of the Week!
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Andrew is going through a stage - at least we hope it's just a stage - where he apparently needs constant attention.

He likes motion and being entertained. He needs to move around. If you put him down, he cries. If you hold him, then sit down, he cries. It's tiring.

I've been itching to get him a mobile hoping it would entertain him. Suz gave us the Symphony-in-Motion mobile that Kaden loved so much, but we couldn't get it to work. So, I returned 2 of the 3 Bumbos we received as gift and I bought the newest one - the Light and Motion Mobile.

HE LOVES IT!!! He spent almost 30 minutes in the Pack n' Play last night staring at it, and was in there again this morning.

Be forewarned, putting any mobile on a pack n' play is performing a work of art. A hole or expansion of an existing corner is necessary. Plus, it is all jerry-rigged and crooked, but it works.

I highly recommend any of the mobiles from Tiny Love!

- - -

I had to post this for my own humor.

I was a waitress and a bartender before law school and have worked as a retail manager and other various customer service positions. I would like to think that I understand what it is like and am a little more patient than some customers. When actually, maybe I am more critical because I know that even on bad days, you can perform basic levels of service. The problem is that many people just don't listen.

This was an actual conversation that occurred at Dunkin Donuts drive thru yesterday morning.

Setting the Scene: this is the DD that is solely a drive thru, no walk in part. It always has horrible customer service and the wait is forever, but I go all the time anyway because it's right by my house. It's 10 am on Sunday morning, it's pouring rain and I have 12 cars behind me.

Talking Box: Can I help you?

Me: I would like a medium coffee light and sweet and a large Vanilla Chai.

Talking Box: Vanilla coffee?

Me: No, a medium coffee light and sweet and a large Vanilla Chai.

Talking Box: (long pause) Is that all?

Me: Yes.

Talking Box:
(no response)

I drive around to the window.

Sixteen year old (SYO) girl at the window: You have an omelette?!?!

Me: No. I do not have an omelette. I have a medium coffee light and sweet and a large Vanilla Chai.

SYO (looking very confused): a large French Vanilla coffee?

Me: No, I have a medium coffee light and sweet and a large Vanilla Chai.

SYO has three coffees and a bag of food sitting in the window. She shuffles a few things around, places the bag to the side and puts the three coffees in the window again.

SYO: That will be $5.60.

Me: Are you sure? For two coffees??

SYO: Yes.

Me: A large Vanilla Chai is $2.22 by itself. A medium coffee is probably, what? $1.59? How is that $5.60?

SYO: Ok, hold on. (plays with register) Ok, that will be $7.30.

Me: If I thought $5.60 was way too much for 2 coffees, how is $7.30 any better? I'm guessing my total order should be less than $4.00, correct?

SYO: Well, it's due to the combo?

Me: How is 2 coffees a combo?

SYO: You have an omelette combo.

ME: I do not have an omelette, I have a medium coffee light and sweet and a large Vanilla Chai.

SYO: You don't have an omelette?

Me: No, I have a medium coffee light and sweet and a large Vanilla Chai.

SYO: (now taking a very long time at the register) Oh, that will be $3.95.

Me: That sounds about right.

SYO: (after taking my $4) What did you have?

Me: a medium coffee light and sweet and a large Vanilla Chai.

SYO: (after handing me the 2 coffees) Thank you for coming to Dunkin Donuts.
Me: Keep the change.

When I got to Billy's house for our guy morning task of putting the muffler on my car, I handed him his coffee and said "Good luck. I don't know what might be in that cup. It was 4th string quarterback day at Dunkin Donuts."
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So glad Andrew likes his new mobile--it looks so cool! Funny Dunkin Donuts story! You were incredibly patient.

11:15 AM  

funny DD story. reminds me of the time i fought with the chinese take out lady for 30 minutes because she wanted to add cream cheese puffs and wontons to my order.

11:23 AM  

HILARIOUS ! You lasted WAY longer than me. Hell, the omlette started sounding good...I would have taken the bags of food and gone to starbucks. :)

11:32 AM  

We dont have too many dd around here. If we do they serve regular coffe only and donuts that's it. Not omelettes. lmao thanx!

3:31 PM  

Mobile looks cool. I like the fruit toys by Tiny Love.

You're right--that swing picture of Riley really reminded me of Andrew--the one where he's in his bouncy chair. It's funny how sometimes they look sooo similar.

Ugh, I hate drive-thru screw-ups. That is one really messed up drive-thru. I usually run into that from some Tim Hortons and really, is it that hard to get 2 drinks right?

They have omlettes at Dunkin Donuts? That's just...ew.

4:32 PM  

I did find it a little disconcerting that Dunkin Donuts served omelettes and I definitely did not want to try one.

5:30 PM  

Sounds like an scene from Curb Your Enthusiasm or Seinfeld. Too funny!

6:35 PM  

Oh my that is a funny Dunkin Donut story.. I have had a few similar myself.

So glad you found a mobile that Andrew likes. Make sure to remember all of this stuff, so when I ask a year down the road you remember :)

3:25 PM  

ROTFL... I just popped in but had to laugh at this story. I swore this only happened to me and one of my friends, Stacey! LOL.

So - I have to ask; DID YOU GET THE RIGHT products? Because I never do.


9:38 AM  

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