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Friday, July 22, 2005

birthday girl

Today is my 29th birthday and Loey gave me a birthday card from Ziggy saying "Can't wait to meet you."
How unbelievably cute is that?
Are we becoming solipsistic?
posted by Holly at 2:26 PM


This is so friggin' cool - I am so happy for you guys. Back in the day me and my 1st love had discussed having a child but back then ( I won't admit to HOW LONG AGO that was) it was tabu... we were gonna have my brother be the doaner so the baby would at least "sort of" have some of me in it. Unfortunatley I got dumped :( Oh well.. now I have a dog :-) not the same but a close 2nd..

7:03 PM  

BTW - this is Dawn - and tell Lois I do NOT work for a restaurant..

7:05 PM  

Boy my spelling SUCKS .. that would be DONOR not DOANER..

8:00 PM  

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