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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

new ob

Yesterday, Lois had an appt. at the OB’s office with the new doc. And I mean the brand spanking new doc.
Apparently, it was a little of a cluster fuck with the doc not knowing where the tape measure was. Lois asked for an ultrasound and she didn’t know how to turn it on…she was too afraid what a debacle it would create to ask for a picture from the u/s.
There was a little scare as it took her 1 minute (in Lois’ head, it was 10 minutes) to find the heartbeat using the Doppler, but it was there.
But she got to see Chubby - - and Chubby was moving!!! She got a big left arm wave from the Chubbster saying "Hello Mommy, I’m here!!!"
I, however, missed this since Lois had that appt. yesterday and the 1st Trimester screening today, I figured I would go to the screen.
That was supposed to be at 9 am, but the tech won’t be in this morning and our appt. was switched to 1:40 pm (if we checked our answering machine last night, we would have known this before 7 am this morning).
My boss is frantically trying to help me make this appt. this afternoon which will involve some chaos this morning and a potential return to the office at 5 pm today after a closing that I really don’t want to do. And somehow between all of this, I will learn how to represent a client in an administrative appeal which I will be doing tomorrow morning.
But what really matters is that I will get to see Chubby today!!!
Life, frantic…I keep imagining what it will be like with a kid!!! ;-)
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That is amazing!!! I am hoping our midwife will allow us to do an ultrasound sooner rather than later. We were going to wait until 20 weeks but now Angele's all impatient to see the baby. I mean, to see it look like something more than a blob is amazing.

Good luck with the appointment! Life will definitely be hectic for you from now on. In a good way, of course. ;)

10:24 AM  

Ah... we waited until 32 weeks for the first u/s. By then we were convinced there was a child in there.
Hope you get to go today! I missed a lot of AJ's midwife appointments... don't follow in my footsteps!

12:22 PM  

Hey, I just found your blog and I wanted to congratulate you guys. I look forward to reading about your pregnancy, and soo to be baby.

3:57 PM  

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