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Thursday, August 10, 2006

this scary world

after watching the news this morning, i tortured myself by listening to headline news on the XM radio (love my xm radio...love the shameless plug here)the entire ride to work. (the world is so much safer with W. as prez)
well, 1/2 of the drive i was chatting with Suz (baby Kaden's mommy) and we both made comments about bringing children into this crazy mixed up world. what are we thinking?
my parents are flying to scotland today and i gave my mother a hard time about bringing her usual purse filled with crap and no water bottles. her response was something like "well, it's probably the safest day to fly."
and tomorrow, my brother and sister-in-law leave for Paris. i think they are crazy. not crazy for flying right now, crazy for going with a 2.5 year old in the hottest month of the year, did i mention my sister-in-law is 6 months pregnant?
just kidding, i hope they have fun. (and bring their favorite lesbian family member back a shot glass)!!
what a world traveling family, huh?
I feel a little left out. Maybe I should travel to CVS or OfficeMax and get those darn u/s pictures scanned so I can show everyone?!?!?
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Yep- one of our friends we considered as a PKD told us he refuses to procreate because our world is so messed up- I think about that, too, so I just hope we can all have little superheroes! Little did we know this morning when J went to the airport to fly to her grandmother's funeral that she'd be waiting in line for hours to be screened for hand lotion and lip gloss! I just came across your blog- congrats on the pregnancy and good luck! -Kate-

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Every potential parent worries about the state of the world they are bringing their child into. It's normal and you realize that the most scary part isn't the world, but that it's up to you to protect your children and teach them about it. Chew on that...
It's actually cooler in France, in the seventies now, and we might as well go when we only have one munchkin to watch after. Besides, we booked the trip before we got pregnant. :) I'll see if they have shot glasses with the Eiffel Tower on them.

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