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Sunday, August 13, 2006

u/s pics from 13 week scan - FINALLY

We FINALLY got the pics back from Lois' parents, and FINALLY got to use a scanner.
The following are the pics from our 13 week scan.
Now, remember from the previous post that the u/s tech wanted Chubby to be in a certain position to measure the back of the neck. It took close to 30 minutes to get Chubby in that position.
OK world, here's Chubby!!!!

Here's the best picture, but with legs crossed, can't tell if it's a Chubby or a Chubbette.

Here's one particular favorite position of Chubby. The Chubbster does like pushing off the bottom of the uterus to spin back up to the top. (Can't wait until Lois starts feeling that!)

Front view...look at the little hands!!!!!

Blurry pictures, but with the left hand in the air, I swear Chubby was waving at us.

Last, but not least, the absolute opposite position from whence we started, ASS IN THE AIR MOONING MOMMIES!!!!

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So amazing! Glad you finally got to share them. Isn't it great to see Chubby looking like a baby now? Makes it even more real!!! :)

10:00 AM  

Dang those are so cool to look at. We didn't get an U/S until I was about 20 weeks. It is amazing to see the pictures so early in the pregnancy!

3:25 PM  

Chubby is SOOOO cute. Even if he or she is just black and white. LOVE IT!!! Almost into the 2nd trimester. It's becoming more and more real everyday. I was looking at your u/s when I realized "Hey the baby is naked in there" and then I laughed out loud. Just occured to me.

4:46 PM  

Wow, these are amazing! Chubby may have been uncooperative, but s/he sure is photogenic! What a great profile shot! :)

9:40 PM  

Hello baby!
When s/he gets bigger, definitely do a 3-d u/s. We did only one u/s (at about 31 weeks)to make sure that the baby wouldn't need life sustaining/saving measures immediately after birth (homebirth) and we didn't want to know the sex, but we went with the 3-d u/s because we thought it would be cool. There are pictures on my blog... somewhere.
I love u/s pictures. So dang cute!

11:39 AM  

How awesome! Isn't it amazing there's so much development in such a short period of time? Cute, cute, cute!

9:00 PM  

just beautiful!

10:55 PM  

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