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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

27 weeks!

We are 27 weeks pregnant today!
Is today the beginning of the 3rd Trimester?
Some things say it is, some say we have another week...I don't know.

- - -

As for some funny Lois commentary of the day, this is an actual statement from my beautiful partner…

[She doesn’t drink, hasn’t in over ten years, and was asked by a friend on Saturday night if she ever misses it or if it ever crosses her mind to have one.]

“Would I even think about having a drink???
That’s like asking me if I would think about having sex with a man!!!
It’s just not going to happen!”

- - -
posted by Holly at 1:04 PM


Congratulations on 27 weeks! I am going with 27 weeks is the 3rd trimester. Why? Well, techincally you're entering your 28th week. And techincally 2/3 of 40 weeks would be 27... So yay on the 3rd trimester! We'll see you there in a week. :)

I miss wine sometimes. When others are drinking it and I'm sipping on water or juice.

5:05 PM  

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