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Friday, November 17, 2006

those frightening gay penguins

I wonder if parents didn’t make fusses over things like this, if kids would ever blink an eye over it.

I just don’t get it. What are these parents think they are protecting their children from?

Do you think 4-8 year olds think really far into it when you use the word "love"?

Are these the same parents that let their kids watch movies and play video games that are filled with violence at the age of 5?
posted by Holly at 7:40 AM


Stupid flipping idiots.
I move that ALL books about parents and children be moved to the restricted section and require adult approval. Because if KIDS are involved, SEX must be involved. What is the kid asks how the baby got there? That's not something I'm prepared to tackle!
I want that book.
And hey, it's pretty freakin common for the to happen (the penguin stuff).

9:01 AM  

I just don't get what people get so afraid of...I mean really! I'm constantly amazed at the prejudice and ignorance displayed by the fearful masses, but this is more than ridiculous.

- Karen

12:28 PM  

Oh good grief. Have you read that book? It's one of my absolute favorites! Mombi and I first saw it when we went to the local pride shop right after our insem, and we're definitely going to have it in our house. Not only is it a well written and fabulously illustrated book, the story is even cuter when you know that it's true!

4:34 PM  

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