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Monday, November 20, 2006

shower poll

In line with the previous post, since we are having our own shower with our own rules, when should we do it?
I was definitely thinking BEFORE the baby was born, but am getting some people saying to do it after.
I would like to get the baby stuff organized BEFORE the baby comes, but other people think that's a silly reason.

Should we have our friend shower before or after the baby is born?
Before - so guests can see a cute pregnant Lois
After - so guests can see a cute baby boy
What? Are you crazy for having two showers?
Other - for the indecisive who feel like voting anyway
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posted by Holly at 11:35 AM


I voted for "before" specifically because I don't think that either of you will have the time or energy for a baby shower after your son arrives.

There are too many unknown variables "after" to make a shower a success.

11:43 AM  

I voted for "after" since that's when we're having our other shower. We want people to meet the baby and we don't really need anything before. If you have the other shower first, you should get most of your must-have stuff before Chubby is born and then can have the other shower to get older items. I just think it's fun for everyone to get to meet the baby. It would be nice if someone would help run it though because you will have your hands full.

1:29 PM  

I'll put in another vote for after... but agree with Stacey that you should enlist some help. That way, you could also expect to get some gifts that'll take your little guy into a bit larger sizes and toy interests as most people buy newborn stuff for "before" showers and the baby is out of that size and interested in other things within the first couple of months.

10:44 PM  

Don't worry about the number of showers we ended up having 4, because of the way they all divided up. Joel's work, my work, friends, and even a grandma shower. as far as when there are two different schools of thought. I would say if you are going to have it for yourselves, do it before with work and baby things never seem to get planned! If someone will do it for you it is a great way to keep everyone from coming by right after you get home because they know they will see the baby soon. Then you can keep the right after visits to a min. trust me I thought I would love having people come by and see jacob, but when people call you can't really say, "no actually I don't want company!" So you have to take you sleep deprived body get in the shower and look cute for pics, lots of pics! Then Jacob always fell asleep in others arms so there went rest time for Mommy. I'm not sure if I helped at all, but maybe I gave you something to talk about!

10:19 AM  

you should do both but call the second one a welcome to the world party in the late spring when he's four months and more interactive and maybe letting y'all sleep more. Like Memorial Day weekend.

3:15 PM  

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