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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Day 6

Here we are at Day 6 of bed rest!

Lois is quite the trooper!

We have a twin size cot set up in the living room at home and Lois is open to visitors and phone calls 24/7.

She will most likely be home in this position on the weekends and probably at her parents' house during the week. I know she shouldn't be moving much, but she doesn't want to be by herself while I'm at work.

Unfortunately, Lois will not be able to be online during the week, but we're working on getting her to do some blog posting during her immobile stint.

As for the little guy, he's more active then ever. He's moving approximately 75 times a day and I can now see Lois' belly move from the couch across the room.

He apparently does not know that we are concerned about him coming too early. He's bouncing around like crazy and all we can do is holler at him "STAY AWAY FROM THE CERVIX!"
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Good to hear. Hang in there girls and CHUBBY..

We are with you in all this.

8:23 PM  

Woo-hoo - happy to see she is home! It must have been a bedrest thanksgiving!

8:32 PM  

Great picture! Glad to see that you are doing well and hopefully Chubby will stay away from the cervix! :) Thinking of you girls and your little boy.

9:35 AM  

THank you for the update in my blog! I haven't been blog surfing much lately. I wish you both the best right now. This truly sucks! And at least I get one hour up per day. I cannot imagine the strict bed rest- but will be on it soon. I will sit up for one hour per day in honor of Lois who cannot.

If she needs online support, have her check out sidelines.org
I should be getting my own personal support person any day now. BUt if she needs cheering up, have her contact me when she gets her email set up and we can exchange, "This sucks, I'm so bored, my hips hurt" emails.

Christmas is our goal as well. Each day that goes by makes me just glad she's in there and "cooking" a bit longer. Our baby is currently 1lb 13oz but I get measured again in one week to see if she has grown. I think the bedrest really helps that a lot.

From one person with an angry cervix to another- HANG IN THERE!!!

9:54 AM  

P.S. it's not just us monitoring your progress. Our mom's ask about you guys almost everyday now. Just wondering how Lois and Holly are doing??

10:54 AM  

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