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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

who knows

Lois is irritable and testy.

She’s tired.

Last night, she put the Christmas stuff away, cleaned up all the bills, threw away junk mail and sorted the bags of crap that had accumulated around her cot in the last 7 weeks. (Nesting, maybe??)

Tonight, she hasn’t been feeling very well.

Either she’s about to go into labor or it’s going to be a very long next several weeks.

BTW - the doctor joked today that Lois will probably go late and have to be induced. This made Lois even more irritable.
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Hi, My name is Leigh and my parnter Charlene and I are about to start our baby journey. I was wondering if in the very little spare time you probably have right now if we might email back and forth a bit. We have absolutely no idea what we are getting into as far as the doctor side of it. Like what does RE mean and how to approach this with insurance and such. My email is valsroadtrip@hotmail.com. We would be so very grateful for any insight you have about the ttc process. Thank you.
Leigh and Charlene

12:42 PM  

Sounds like nesting to me. Of course, she might be itching to feel productive too. I've been in bed sick for the past week. When I was well enough to kind of function, I went nuts with cleaning and such. That after a week. I can't imagine how Lois feels after all of this time in a bed.

You guys are doing so great. I was nervous to check in today b/c it had been a while. I was pleased to see Andrew still baking.

2:01 PM  

I swear I should just cut and paste your posts to our blog some days! We just put away the x-mas decorations and cleaned out a shit ton of junk mail and bills that have piled up. I'm starting the nesting thing myself.
Hang in there Lois!

2:32 PM  

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