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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

35 weeks!

Why can I write so much today, because I am sitting at work on a 2 hour conference call with a utility company client.

We are at 35 weeks today!
Lois has a appointment with the OB this afternoon!

She's hoping that it will involve a positive report and possibly even a slight lift on the bed rest. Lois is even hoping to be back at work tomorrow.

We don't want to push it, but if her co-worker picks her up, she goes 1.5 miles to work, sits at her desk with her feet up and plays computer games all day, at least she's out of the house and getting a pay check!

Plus, Lois is determined to make it to Salina's shower on Saturday. That will be her big "outing" for the week.

We'll see what they say.

We keep talking about what is going to happen when Andrew is coming!

No one can tell us what it's going to be like. It probably won't be a typical labor where she has all the time in the world. With the cervix issue, she'll probably be very effaced, but maybe not dilated. She hasn't had contractions yet, so we don't know if she will have any before she totally effaces.

What if she's home alone? Before 35 weeks, she was going to call an ambulance and go to the local hospital. Now that we've hit 35 weeks, we want to go to the hospital 30 minutes away which is where our doctor is. But what if I am 40 minutes the other direction at work?

We're coming up with all kinds of contingency plans as to who will drive Lois to the hospital if it happens that way.

I, on the other hand, think she's going to go to one of these doctor appointments and they are just going to look at her, tell her she's ready and send her to the hospital.

And I'd like to see her go 2 more weeks. If possible. She hates it when I say that.
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Yeah! Almost there and then the real fun begins. :) I'm very proud of both of you so far. It's been alot of work and changes to get used to and I'd like to say that it will get easier, but really it just changes from here on. The good part is that just when you think you can't take it anymore, it does change and you get new and fun things to learn how to deal with. XOXO

2:29 PM  

You guys have come along way. At least the baby can come anytime now, and be okay. He should stay in as long as possible though. The time is almost here.

3:34 PM  

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