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Monday, January 08, 2007

sleepless nights

Lois’ mother said something this weekend about your body prepares you for sleepless nights with a newborn.

Now, Lois’ mother is one of those people…how should I put it…she’s a “often wrong, but never in doubt” type person.

She worked outside of the home for 2 weeks when she was 17 years old, watches TV all day, but is the expert of all things. (i.e. The one consumer reports child seat report is the only fact there is to her, all place crashes must be tied to terrorism, etc.)

I know she will never change, so I just bite my tongue. A Lot.

I digress.

She was going on about how prepared Lois will be for waking up at all hours with a crying baby because nature is preparing her for it.

I left it alone.

This morning, Lois announced to me that her mother was correct.

She is sleeping about 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off all night.

She gets comfortable, then Andrew gets the hiccups (which in his case makes his whole body jerk), then she gets a back spasm, then she has to make a big incident about trying to roll over, then she has to pee, then her rib hurts and she has to readjust herself, then her heartburn starts in again so she has to try to sit up a little. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Poor thing. The finding a comfortable position is a doosy. It takes a lot of shifting around, some grunts and many, many pillows.

I don’t have this problem, because I take Tylenol PM before I get into bed with the hyperactive pregnant sleeper.

It’s also funny because I realize that Lois is carrying very small. The doctor always comments about it (Andrew seems to be fine, so it’s not a concern) and I realized how small Lois was when I was talking to a woman on line at Babies R Us who is only 33 weeks and looks like she was 40 weeks pregnant with triplets.

But the bed rest has made her muscles fairly useless so the belly is heavy and frustrating regardless of its size, or lack of size.

I hope Lois does find some peaceful restful nights before the little guys gets here.

As for me, I keep my Costco-sized Tylenol PM at my bedside for nights like those.
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Yeah, I can relate. It is hard to get a good night's sleep. I'm also quite restless through out the night. Sending lots of sympathy to Lois!!!

11:01 AM  

Ah, Tylenol PM...how I adore it! At least one of you will have gotten a bit of sleep before the little guy arrives!

12:09 PM  

Ah I agree. I got more sleep after our kid was born, than when I was pregnant with him.

3:28 PM  

I am not a good sleeper and was a terrible sleeper while pregnant. During the few months after both kids were born, I slept soundly. Sure I was up a few times a night nursing, but when the head hit the pillow again, I was out. I hope the same goes for Lois.

6:23 PM  

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