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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

fluttering out of denial

This is an actual phone conversation that just took place:

Lois: Don’t get excited, but I might have just felt something.

Holly: Really!?!? What did it feel like?

Lois: It was like a gas bubble, but I was busy playing my computer game at work. By the time I realized it, it was gone.

Holly: That could be Chubby, Lo.

Lois: Now, I’m scared. I am so in denial, you have no idea! I have so been in denial this whole time.

Holly: oh, I’ve been aware of that.

Lois: I told K (co-worker) that I thought I felt something and she said “why do you look like you are going to cry?”

Lois: I am really in such denial that this is even happening.

Holly: It is happening, dear. We did this on purpose, remember?

(This is one of those moments that I am glad I decided to keep a blog and document this stuff)
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That's like when we finally got the beta counts back.
Angele: This is it.
Stacey: This is it.
Angele: So you're ok with this right.
Stacey: Yeah
Angele: Cause now that it's in there your going to have to get it out also. SMILED.
Stacey: Yeah

I did see a hint of fear on her face.

5:39 PM  

P.S. Denial will be out the door when the chubby starts to kick ribs.

5:40 PM  

Oh this is so sweet! Congratulations!

6:38 PM  

That is great! I bet it was movement!!!

I love how she says, "don't get excited"! LOL

Playing a computer game at work? Lucky gal! Although I surf the net a lot so what am I talking about? ;)

It is weird but I understand the denial. It's so odd to think of yourself being pregnant. I try to picture a little being inside of me and it just seems so surreal. I can't wait until the baby really makes his/her presence known so it'll feel more real. I know it's real but still...

10:51 AM  

i was in denial, too. i thought that i had wanted to be pregnant so bad that i was causing all of the symptoms - including the growing belly, the kicks, etc. even after seeing the u/s, i couldn't believe it. now that he's here, i still can't believe it. :)

11:44 PM  

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